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Dec 18, 2008 04:36 AM

Christine's in Huntingdon Valley

Anyone been to the new Christine's in Huntingdon Valley? Their original is in Yardley.

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  1. We have been there for dinner and breakfast. Dinner was great and it is byob. The atmosphere is nice and quite. Simple and sophisticated decor. I hear you need reservations from 6-8 saturday evening.

    We had breakfast this saturday. Place was empty. Food was excellent. Consider splitting as the meals are huge. I had the 3 egg mushroom omlette. It was easily enough for 2 with two slices of bread and excellent spicy potatoes on the side. Coffee is good as well.

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    1. re: lidpndn

      Where is Christine's located in Huntingdon Valley?

      1. re: bucksguy14

        It is located on Byberry road going west -past Huntingdon Pike, in the middle of a new big house development on the right.

        I ate there this past week and wouldnt say it was bad, but I was underwhelmed. Honestly, I get better food, appetizers and salads (for a lot less) at Adriana on Bustleton Avenue and Byberry Rd.

        I had shrimp scampi, 6 ex-lrge shrimp with pasta,-dry, dry dry, and not much flavor.

        Hubby had veal marsala - AGAIN wasnt bad, just not real good. We shared a salad - really enough for one person which was ordinary. And the herbed oil for dipping your NOT crusty italian bread is loaded with rosemary...enough that we were pulling out of our teeth.

        Not the greatest. Very oridnary. Buona Via on Horham road is better too.

    2. What a huge disappointment for Mother's Day. We had heard nice things up to this point, but a poorly executed buffet shows that this restaurant knew they would get their money on the day? I have seen better breakfasts at a school cafeteria.