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Middletown, CT, Restaurant Suggestions?

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Looking for a restaurant in the Middletown, CT area with really good food and a nice ambiance. Your recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. There are some really nice restaurants in the middletown area, I am posting a few sites for you to look over. (http://www.lucect.com/main.html) (http://www.illianospizza.com/middleto...) (http://www.tuscany-grill.com/) This should give you a good start. Good luck and I hope you have a good meal. Earle Ct.

    1. Mikado (just behind Main St.) recently remodeled and will make you think you're in Manhattan rather than Middletown. Their sushi is excellent. As long as it isn't crazy busy (in which case it can be loud), it's a very nice setting. I second the Luce recommendation below. Fiore II is also tasty for Italian food. You will find yourself asking for more garlic knots. Yum! Enjoy your meal in my hometown! :)

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        I second Mikado, I was a regular for sushi takeout when I lived down that way.

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          Just found this post and wanted to second the Fiore ll suggestion. Excellent veal dishes.
          We have not found a better restaurant serving veal in a multitude of preparations ..even in the Hartford area! And they have expanded and renovated providing lots of additional seating and nearly eliminating the long lines that were the norm on a friday or saturday night!

        2. Luce. Search for my review and others.

          1. Four of us went to Forbidden City for lunch a couple of weeks ago and were delighted. Food very good, and ambiance and service terrific.

            1. I second Fiore's on Main Street. They offer very good Italian food in a relaxed yet somewhat elegent setting. Great value, also. They don't accept resevations, though.

              Tuscany Grill usually comes through with a good meal, but has more of a pub-ish atmosphere.

              1. Main st middletown is full of outstanding places to eat. Keep trying until you find something you like. A united nations of food for sure

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                  For Italian, my choce is Amici's for it's food and more civilized atmosphere.

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                    Just returned from a visit to see my son at Wesleyan and took my son and four of his friends to Mikado for dinner. First, I must common how great " the kids were". It is very heartwarming for a mom to see her kid go away to college and meet such nice people. One of the girls is from Houston and is a real foodie and knew all about Chowhound. We all had a great dinner and the portions were very substantial.

                    Two of the girls had the veggie tempura and their comments were there wasn't a speck of grease on it and the presentation was beautiful- they had an orchid on the plate and a fried fan. I had the special "yummy roll" with tempura shrimp and tuna and a crispy tuna appetizer. My son had the chicken and shrimp yakisoba, another friend had the beef yakisoba. The last friend had the veggie sukiyaki. We also shared two bowls of edamame. The bill was $98.00 with tip (there was no alcohol).

                    After dinner we went to the new chocolate shop "Tschudin" and everybody had a treat. The owner was very friendly. It is a really cute place and I hope it does well.

                    It was a great evening. I posted earlier about my son's and my lunch at Luce.

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                      I'm a fan of Mikado's yummy roll, too. :) What was your favorite at Tschudin? :)

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                        I had a chocolate with chili in it. My son had peanut butter fudge. Don't recall what the others had. Everyone thought they were yummy.