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Dec 18, 2008 03:47 AM

A good red wine most commonly found in restaurants?

Hey chowhounders!

What do you think are some good red wines found commonly in upscale restaurants?

$70-$120 please.

This site is great, thanks everyone!

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  1. If you are in an upscale restaurant with $70 to $120 to spend ask the somellier to reccomend something to suit what you are eating. Further, each wine list is going to be fairly different so the task you suggest is not particularly easy.

    1. Agreed with dgilks here. Your request is best served by the sommelier in the restaurant. Their job is to provide an appropriate wine pairing for your food, personal taste preference and budget. There are many good red wines available in that price range in a variety of TO's restaurants as well as extremely talented and professional sommeliers.

      On a side note, recently I was discussing with a sommelier why people here in Toronto choose a wine prior to deciding what to eat! In Europe, restaurants commonly provide the wine list after you have decided on your food. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing a wine you enjoy but the experience of pairing a wine with food is definitely an art that certainly improves the whole experience ten-fold.