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hi everyone.

simple question: where is the best carne asada in LA / southern california?

in the spirit of eat_nopal, i would like to set some parameters on what is and isn't carne asada.

- anything that ever sees a griddle, skillet or saute pan. that is not carne asada. that is carne guisada. (note: that disqualifies about 99.9% of the "carne asada" served at restaurants and trucks)
- carne that is cooked before you ever order it.
- carne that is served to you on a cast iron fajita skillet

- grill (wood or coal preferred) ONLY.
- made when you order it
- has little charred bits on the ends
- must look exactly like little strips of grilled steak (because that's exactly what it is).

so, where's the good stuff at?

the only place in LA i've been to that has good carne asada is El Parian on pico near union.
every other place/truck i've been to serves carne guisada.
but there has to be more than just el parian out there, right? right?

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  1. Hello ceviche, an excellent topic.I will add to your what is not carne asada to include 100% of what's available in socal restaurants.

    The other element of paramount importance is the cut of meat, quality, and origin. The best carne asada in Mexico is in the state of Sonora, and other northern cattle industry states of Mexico:Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sinaloa.

    In TJ, the best carne asada in restaurants and carretas are Sonoran beef,using the cuts NY steak, or arrachera(different from the poor ranchera steak).Cabreria is also a cut used in Sinaloa, Sonora, and Baja California Norte.For stands to remain economical they use blends of New York, palomilla, and other cuts.Again, the best steak in Mexico City restaurants come from Sonora or other northern states.

    To replicate this here in LA a stand would have to use USDA prime New York steak, and blend it with palomilla, and another cut, all prime.Can't be delivered in the form of a dollar taco in the US.Same for restaurants that would have to charge high for a restaurant version.Ranchera or skirt steak here in the U.S. is not carne asada, inferior meats only used by lame tacos varios stands in Mexico and here in the US.

    What I would do is go buy USDA prime New York steak,marinate with lime and salt, fire up your grill with mezquite coals, grill some onions and chiles toreados,make a queso fundido, some flour tortillas, and a fiery salsa de chiltepin.Maybe add some beef ribs and tripa de leche for the full on Sonora parrillada.The steak should be cut into strips as you mentioned.

    Otherwise, you will have to go to TJ, the closest place to find real carne asada, with the cut, proper cooking, made to order,charred, and cut into strips.I will add that accompaniments are important, too.Beans and rice, nope! A baked potato and chiles toreados, queso fundido, torillas de harina, nopal, salsa de chiltepin, a fresh salad with roasted chile pasilla,Yes!!!

    I would love to have a place for real carne asada here in LA, and as good as El Parian is, it doesn't meet the criteria.

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    1. re: streetgourmetla

      dammit, i was hoping this thread would give me something to look forward to after finals are over.

      any places that (while admittedly imperfect) are worth going to in LA in your opinion?

      1. re: ceviche

        I find the Carne Asada at Xavier's in Newport Beach to be the best that I have personally experienced in the U.S.. The meat has always been succulent, and I really enjoy it. Thee best carne asada i have had though has been at the Guadalajara Grill in TJ, which is described to streetgourmetla.

        1. re: Schweinhaxen

          Can you please post the address and phone number to Xavier's? I've tried many of the so-called best carne asada places in LA and still don't think I've found anything worthy of the best carne asada title. El Taurino has a nice citrusy charred version and El Parian is good albeit very greasy in my opinion.

        2. re: ceviche

          Well, there is an alternative.La Casita in Bell has the Plato Conquista,grilled steak over nopal with Oaxaca cheese and a guajillo chile sauce.A classic Mexican dish and a great way to enjoy carne asada.Their straight carne asada isn't the right cut I believe, couldn't be at $9.95.

          Other than that I would look for a place that has arrachera(don't think this cut is available)or a NY steak plato.I saw some Mexican beef companies at the Expo Comida Latina that had arrachera and are trying to distribute in the US.

          Or, you could try Romesco in the San Diego area, Bonita,CA, and have their assado de arrachera.I haven't been there or had that plate, but that's looking like your best bet.The $25 price tag indicates the possibility of quality, and the fact that they are owned by a TJ restauranteur, Javier Plascencia, means that they are probably in touch with a source for Sonoran beef, or something close.It's served with a chimichurri(Argentine), but is a Mexican cut, different from entrana.

          Third option, go Argentine and go to Mercado Buenos Aires for an entrana, befe de chorizo, or the parrillada.

        3. re: streetgourmetla


          I've always found the best carne asada in the States to be made from flap meet, not skirt steak.

          NY Prime for carne asada? How could that not taste good ... You could season NY Prime with sawdust and I still would eat it.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Flap Steak is quite close to the skirt steak - it comes from the lower short loin which is near the plate where the outer diaphragm muscle is where the skirt is. They both are tasty but I like the arranchera 'skirt' the best. There is something about its texture in particular which sets it above the rest.

            Ive tried the skirt steak up against the filet mignon that whole foods sells and I will take the skirt steak anyday before the filet.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Yeah, know it sounds crazy, but in Sonora, the carne asada capitol of MX they use NY.My favorite TJ taco place has NY steak carne asada tacos.

              KR is right, the arrachera while close ot the skirt or flap is an entirely different experience.I've even ordered aged angus as carne asada from Sonora Steak in Hermosillo.Carne asada fans would loose their minds if they went to these places.

              But, remember, parrilladas and carne asada in Mexico is an expression equally important as the parrillada and churrasco are in Argentina and Brazil respectively.It stands to reason that Mexico would use their best cuts, the arrachera, cabreria, and NY steak.Check out the NY asada tacos at Tacos Salceados in TJ and get back to me.

              Other cuts are used too, but never the ranchera.

          2. thanks for explaining the difference!

            1. There's this little place called Lucy's drive thru. It's off La Brea and Pico. They have amazing burritos and tacos! Especially their Carne Asada!!

              1. We think da same. About that Not Asada list of yours, I have always found that even the best asada is ruin within minutes over the steam table. That fresh hot crusty char that comes only from a very hot grill turns into a a warm mushy tar when several steaks are piled into a closed container over the steam table. The flavor becomes stale just as fast.

                The only addition I would make is to your Yes Asada list. A Great asada is made great by a great maranade. Orange juice in the maranade is what does the trick. I agree that El Parian is good. The only place that I know that is better is your grill in your back yard. See my post below for the place to buy the maranade flap meat (Ranchera Preparada $3.98 lb). IMO, a hot gas grill is the only way to maintain the proper heat long enough to keep grilling meat for the long line of friends and relatives who have already filled their plates with tortillas, chips and salsa. The smoky flavor comes from the small pan over your fire which is filled with water soaked wood chips. There is something very special about the ambiance of waiting in line and then getting your asada while standing next to a hot grill, fire, and smoke -- it makes everyone very hungry. Most will eat the chips and salsa from their plates while looking at the griil when waiting in line. Therefore, have more chips and salsa at the tables. Take the steak from the grill and cut those strips of asada right over their plate and onto the waiting tortillas. You will make lots of friends.but only if your asada has the best maranade. Asada is a flavor / texture thing. See the post below.


                1. Awesome - you guys continue ruling out whatever's not real enough, charred enough or prime enough and I'll continue enjoying all the horrible faux-sada/guisada you leave behind.

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                  1. re: neobite

                    i hope my original post didn't come off as YALL AREN'T REAL ENOUGH FOR THIS.
                    i'm actually not one of those purists. i just like things that taste good.
                    and to my taste buds, grilled carne asada >>>>> the stuff from a griddle. not even the same ballpark. it's not about authenticity, it's about flavor.

                      1. re: ceviche

                        AND, the problem with food NOT cooked to order but has been sitting in a container is you do not know how long ago it was cooked. These small mom and pop asada taco places, even shrimp taco places, may have no standards. I once had some cold asada form the steam table which clearly came from the fridge and therefore was leftovers cooked ??????? I dumped it. IMO, we need a post on fresh re-fried beans also. I spent a night in the ER over that one. The only true protection you have is to eat enought of it that you can smell, taste, see, feel the difference from fresh hot firm crusty chared and limp re-heated leftovers.

                      2. re: neobite

                        Have you tried arranchera carne asada? We are not drawing lines in the sand but merely sharing information of whats out there - should you choose to step up and seek it. That is chowhound.

                      3. Hi ceviche,

                        Great topic. I hope to find some great Carne Asada as well.

                        One side note: I went to El Parian based off Bandini's recommendation last year. I must've gone on an off day as the Carne Asada was *not* cooked to order. I saw the lady take some Asada that was pre-cooked and put it in my Taco. It was lukewarm at best and I couldn't finish it. :( Very disappointing.

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                        1. re: exilekiss

                          Exilekiss, compadre, don't bother.Carne asada at its best, not available in LA.I would check out the place I mentioned in San Diego, near the border.But the best flavorful and exciting carne asada near us is in Tijuana. I long for a place to enjoy carne asada in LA, but luckily, I make several trips each year to Sonora to do that.The taco trucks are even worse, never order the carne asada at trucks in LA, your excellent palate would be wasted on such a useless exercise.

                          There are many other great Mexican foods to enjoy here in LA, though, just not carne asada.

                        2. Don Felix at Sawtell and Pico and
                          El Parian on Pico near Alvarado

                          Two best Carrne Asada spots in LA.

                          1. I think El Parian is the holy grail as far as LA is concerned

                            1. Tops for me so far El Parian (as per bandini's rec).

                              Second, is Sergios in Commerce (also per bandini's rec). Not sure how you'd categorize it, but IIRC, cook lops off a piece from a partially cooked chunk of meat (dunno if grilled), then chops then griddles it b4 throwing into tacos. Guisada?

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                              1. re: pharmnerd

                                yeah that second part of putting it on the griddle will kill any charred flavor that the meat might have had from the time (if any) it spent on the grill. it's not about authenticity, it's about the flavor, and unfortunately that charred flavor seems to get lost if it sees a griddle. maybe the charred flavor gets steamed away or something? i wish we had cooks illustrated or alton brown here to explain!

                                1. re: ceviche

                                  OK. Whatever it is, it's good. ;) A regular stop for me, when I'm near the Citadel area of the 5 fwy.

                                  1. re: ceviche

                                    Hey ceviche, I wish we could bring in Alton, but you've definitely inspiried me to search recently in LA and down south.Again, can't explain like Alton, but I know it when I see and taste it.Wondered if you say this? Inspired by your excellent quest for carne asada.

                                    1. re: ceviche

                                      I was under the impression that 'guisada' is more akin to a braise. If we're using that term as a pejorative for what happens to overcrowded on a grill then I get it. Otherwise can streetgourmetla chime in and help me out regarding a guisada-style dish.

                                      Grilling is going to impart a smokey flavor since, well, there's smoke present and and juices and fat that drip into the fire will combust and smoke and further enhance the smokiness. Since meat is on a grill for such a short time the smokiness is much less pronounced than say Southern BBQ but it's still there and a grilled steak is certainly different than a pan seared one.

                                      There are a lot of problems with with reheating parcooked meat. One, it makes it drier and tougher. Two, the meat is often overcrowded on the griddle into a little pile and it steams on the griddle. I think ceviche is correct about the steam carrying away some of that smokiness. The smoke flavor is a water soluble flavor component. But I think it's really a combination of the meat losing internal moisture and toughening up that leads to a flattening of the flavors. For me, I not only lose smoke but I lose the flavor of the beef itself when I get a 'carne asada' taco made of parcooked meat reheated in a pile on the griddle. At best, you get some maillard reactions happening from the griddle but it's nothing like the flavor of the grill.

                                      And I'm no Alton but that's how I see it.

                                      1. re: Frommtron

                                        A guisada/o is a stew, or often used by restaurants, especially comida corrida or stands,for fillings which may or may not be stewed.The DF stand on Breed St. calls all their quesadilla finllings guisos:tinga, huitlacoche, flor de calbaza, etc.

                                        I believe ceviche is referring to the meat cooking on the grill in its own juices and having a different texture and flavor as opposed to the char of grilling.

                                        Straight from grill to taco, or from grill to hot iron to table is the best for parrillada.An individual cut can be served on a hot plate.But arrachera stays fork tender 'til the end.

                                        1. re: Frommtron

                                          yeah i meant "guisada" in the sense that the meat is cooked in a pan/griddle, essentially stewing in it's juices instead of being cooked on a grill. sorry if that caused any confusion!!!

                                          i used the word "guisada" in the past tense of "guisar", which means to cook in a pan / stew. i didn't mean it in terms of the noun "guisado/a", which as streetgourmetLA described, is it's own dish/prep.

                                    2. I'm sorry. I like walking the wild side as much as the next guy, but I was real surprised after my first visit to El Parian today.

                                      First, I'm curious if any of the posters have been to any of the Casita Tacos out in the SFV. THAT to me has been the chargrilled holy grail for the last 20 years (more actually). El Parian was certainly not a disaster, and the amount of meat in a taco is ample and then some. But the char flavor of the meat was not that noticeable - a little too subtle actually. As was the flavor of the beef. Not terrible, just not all that. One caveat - I really prefer NO accessories on my tacos - no salsa, guacamole, etc. Just a little cilantro and onions. I really want to taste the beef. I will concede that this might have something to do with my less than whole-hearted endorsement.

                                      I would also say the carne asada at El Parian was nowhere near the quality of Casita Taco's. I didn't try the chicken at El Parian, but the chicken at C.T. is also chargrilled. It's always a tough call between the chicken and beef tacos there, so I usually end up getting one of each. Casita Taco is also generous with the amount of meat in a taco and burrito - although I'm not sure if it's as ample as El Parian's.

                                      As an additional aside, I've been going to Langer's since the early 80's, and have NEVER been intimidated by the neighborhood. I wasn't so much scared visiting El Parian this afternoon, but I was worried if my car would still be on the side street when I got back. And I drive a Hyundai...

                                      For those who think it's important - El Parian is in a considerably dicier neighborhood than Langer's.

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                                      1. re: Briggs

                                        briggs thanks SO much for the heads up on casita tacos. i'll be hitting them up as soon as i get a chance, i can't wait to try it after your rec. for me one of the most most satisfying parts of carne asada is the charred flavor. WE NEED MORE CHAR.

                                        my post wasn't meant to put el parian at the top of the heap, i wanted to find places that are better than el parian, since i was sure it wasn't the only place in town.

                                        thanks briggs!!

                                        1. re: ceviche

                                          I'll be interested in your opinion (not that it will change mine...). I can vouch for the Burbank and NoHo locations which I've been going to for years. Have not been to the Irwindale location, and have only been to the Studio City outpost a couple of times. An added plus is that the NoHo and Studio City locations are not far from Red Line stops.

                                          If you do a search on the web, you'll find a generally positive consensus about the food there.

                                          Casita Taco al Carbon
                                          4 locations:

                                          11300 Magnolia Blvd. (between Lankershim & Tujunga)
                                          North Hollywood, CA 91601
                                          (818) 508-8118

                                          405 N Victory Blvd, (corner of Victory & Magnolia)
                                          Burbank, CA 91502
                                          (818) 848-3242

                                          3791 Cahuenga Blvd (SE of Lankershim & Cahuenga)
                                          Studio City, CA 91604
                                          (818) 755-9098

                                          15646 Arrow Hwy.
                                          Irwindale, CA
                                          (626) 856-5670

                                            1. re: Briggs

                                              Hi Briggs,

                                              Thanks for the info. :) Out of the 4 locations, which ones have you tried where you experienced the good char? I can't wait to try those out. Thanks.

                                              1. re: exilekiss

                                                I can't say the "char" varies or is more pronounced from one location to another. I generally go to either the Burbank or NoHo location, with Studio City infrequently. The beef and chicken tastes the same regardless of location - at least to me.

                                                1. re: Briggs

                                                  Casita Taco al Carbon is a Mexican-American fast food place in the style of La Salsa.Certainly char is not the only criteria for carne asada or just that it is grilled.This is cheap cuts, combination plates, not authentic,and medicre Mex-Amer at best.I wish this were the place because it's the closest Mexican-American place to me, but I don't go.When I came to the 'hood I tried it a couple of times hoping it could become a reliable neighborhood spot, but can't do it.

                                                  Is it a sentimental place for you(20 years)?Because, I get that, we all have our weak spots for those handful of places.

                                                  El Parian and Casita Taco are not real Mexican carne asada, period, if that is what you folks are looking for.

                                                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                    No sentimentality. There's no cool atmosphere, no "hipness" factor and no huge lines suggesting such, although the 2 Valley locations seem to have a constant flow of customers. I don't know if Casita Taco is "authentic", and the char taste is not the only criteria. I just happen to really like their food.

                                                    Sorry you don't agree.

                                              2. re: Briggs

                                                I eat at el Parian but I only go for the Birria.
                                                In the interest of this thread the other day I ordered my first Carne asada taco.
                                                I thought it was the best Faux ( eye roll, wink and a sly smile) carne asada taco I ever had

                                                Today I'm at a stop light leaving Studio city towards Hollywood and what do I see across the street is Casita tacos.

                                                Off day hopefully, I don't know not but it wasn't anything special. First off it's packaged tortillas . The meat I thought was going to go from the grill to the taco but guess I had read wrong. Anyhow the cook pulled it out of the steam warmer.

                                                To try and get a good taste of the meat I bought two tacos.
                                                The first one I had plain with nothing on it, just taco meat and tortilla.
                                                Not much going on and the tortilla was a notch above rubbery.
                                                Next taco I had with all the fixings and my socks were still on after the first bite.

                                                To the original OP of this place. Sorry I wanted to like it ( nothing personal).
                                                It simply did not work out for me. Still the joy and anticipation of a new eat was there and for that I thank you for your time in posting your opinion.

                                              3. re: ceviche

                                                May I also point out that El Parian is a birreria that just happens to serve carne asada. If you don't have a bowl of goat, you're missing the whole point of the place.

                                                  1. re: condiment

                                                    And what a point it is. That birria is wonderful.

                                                    And GREAT thread. I'm learning a ton about what carne asada really means in Mexican cuisine.

                                                    1. re: condiment

                                                      I have not had the birreria as a soup at El Parian. I have had it in the tacos. The broth was on the side and it was very good. It was so good that I ordered a pound to-go to take to a friend. When my friend opened the box he found a 1/2 pound of bones inside -- rip-off! The best birreria I have had in a bowl as a soup is at El Jacal. Every broth and sauce that El Jacal makes is great and makes you think about what makes it different from the others they serve. The birreria is so tender that it falls apart when you nudge it with a spoon. The flavor of the broth is special. I could go and on. The asada taco is great for a griddled style asada. The maranade is very good. The corn tortilla is house made and very flavorful. The taco comes only with slices of avacado which is a true Mexico style asada taco. The shrimp quesdilla is great and has plenty of shrimp and cheese but again it is the sauce that brings the flavors together. To say that the chips and salsa is better then El Parian is to say nothing but El Jacal has very good chips and salsas (green and red).

                                                      My post

                                                      1. re: JeetJet

                                                        That sucks. And yes, the chips and salsa at El Parian are execrable. I still love the place though and I've never had a problem with any order of mine.

                                                        That said, El Jacal sounds like El Parian X2. Looking forward to trying that one.

                                                        1. re: Frommtron

                                                          Yes, I love El Parian also. The asada (steak), birreria (goat), carnitas (pork) tacos are all outstanding. I like the ambiance of the place just as much. I always tell people that, "From the front it looks life the place is closed because it is so dark, but just open the door and walk into a nice part of Mexico. If you park in the rear lot you will walk over poor pavemant, smell the trash cans and wave off the flies on your way to the rear door. That would be entering from the other side of Mexico -- LA."

                                                          1. re: JeetJet

                                                            Carnitas was exceptionally salty IMO. Friend from Jalisco, ranks the birria 2nd only to his mom's...of course.

                                                1. Just a little heads up... Apparently responses to this thread that are in Southern California but not covered geographically by the Los Angeles board are being deleted. At least that's what I surmised when my post suggesting a place in Eden Gardens, Solana Beach, North San Diego County (Rudy's) was removed.

                                                  Just wanted to make the original poster and readers of this thread aware of this to avoid any future heartache in answering the original poster's legitimate question - not just for authentic Carne Asada in Los Angeles, but in the greater Los Angeles / Southern California area...

                                                  1. cgfan's post about carne asada in San Diego was relocated to the California board, here: http://chowhound.chow.com:80/topics/5...

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                                                    1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                                      Wouldn't it be better to simply make a copy of the posters comments for the SD board instead of relocating the message.

                                                      This way the original thread stays intact but the information is also available in the other board.

                                                      Just a thought....

                                                      1. re: burntwater

                                                        Unfortunately, we are unable to copy posts, only move them. We moved the San Diego tip to the California board, since that is where San Diego is discussed, and where future posters will look for San Diego chow tips.

                                                    2. Ceviche.I was out checkin' out places the past couple of days and ended up in Plaza Mexico.I asked the manager at La Huasteca about their carne asada cut and they informed me that it was ranchera, and their NY steak cut is broiled, not cooked on a grill.Same for Casa Sanchez, the new upscale Mexican restaurant I believe is affiliated with Taqueria Sanchez on the westside, ranchera for the carene asada.I thought at the prices they were charging that a better cut would be used than ranchera, actually, La Huasteca is reasonable at about $13, but Sanchez is charging $17 for ranchera.The plating here is more of what you would see in Mexico, but I'm afraid this ranchera may be so entrenched in Mexican-American kitchens here in LA.The fact is that arrachera, and cabreria aren't available, and NY is viewed as too expensive for the grill for the restaurants to make a profit.Certainly, these places aren't going to source out of TJ when they can get beef here.

                                                      As for the trucks, 100% ranchera from Costco and the like.

                                                      So, I'm keeping my eyes out there for something interesting, just looking for a good meal like the rest of you,amigos.

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                                                      1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                        Have you ever given the carne asada at Alberto's in South El Monte a test drive?

                                                        1. re: Servorg

                                                          I'll try anything.Can you tell me a little about it since you've been?What do they use, how do they cook it, and where is the cook or owner from?What comes with the steak?That stuff helps, muchas gracias.

                                                          1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                            I can't help because I haven't been, but 2 friends keep recommending it to me. The number of times I find myself in S. El Monte can be counted on no hands. I just keep getting pestered by these two guys and they always say "You're missing out!" Anyone else have first hand info?

                                                            1. re: Servorg

                                                              Servorg, are you recommending a restaurant you've never been to?What's stoppin' you from going? Get back to us with the report.

                                                              I'm going to drive to El Monte because "two guys" told you it's great?Que raro.

                                                              1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                                I asked you if you had been. I have been told it's good. Two different things.

                                                                1. re: Servorg

                                                                  Well, I guess they left out the fries part. Apparently Alberto's is the destination for carne asada.....................FRIES! It's also known for its breakfast burrito and nachos.Sounds like a high school football player's dream.

                                                                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                                    Hey street,

                                                                    How are you. FWIW I will only recommend a place that I have been to.. Now for Asada tacos al carbon. vamos al la playa y comer en mi casa. Sanchez in CC will make the prep and I will finish it off carbon estillo.. bastante cerveza tambien.. o chentes para mariscos..

                                                        2. re: streetgourmetla

                                                          Hi streetgourmetla,

                                                          Thanks for the update and looking out for us all. :) So, do you recommend La Huasteca's Carne Asada (w/ NY Steak cut)? Is it decent, or still far from the authentic cuts you're talking about? Thanks.

                                                          1. re: exilekiss

                                                            Hey Exilekiss, no I don't recommend La Huasteca for carne asada, there are so many more great dishes there.Their NY steak is not a carne asada, but just a NY steak, broiled.

                                                            I'm sure Huasteca does a great ranchera, it's such a fantastic restaurant, so if you're OK with that I would indulge, but I would rather enjoy their other options.

                                                            I would go with the plato conquista at La Casita, the steak with nopal and a guajillo chile sauce.

                                                        3. Have you tried the carne asada burritos from Yucca's on Hillhurst in Los Feliz? Best I've had, and I think it's grilled.

                                                          1. i hate to bring back a thread from the dead, but has anyone been to el parian lately? i went this week and their carne asada was the best i've ever had there. the cut looked different than normal. the waitress and the cook were evasive when i asked them what cut it was.

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                                                            1. re: ceviche

                                                              I was there about two weeks ago.
                                                              I didn't have the Carne I always go with the Birria but my friend ordered the Carne asada/guisada and he's been around a taco or two and he said it's probably the best he's had for LA

                                                            2. At the Zocalo event last night, Jimmy Shaw, of Loteria Grill was talking about street food in D.F. where he grew up.He talked about the strange practice in the US of generic carne asada and specifically mentioned the cuts.He brought the fact that in Mexico, taqueros advertise specific cuts, he mentioned sirloin,NY steak, rib eye, etc.

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                                                              1. re: streetgourmetla

                                                                I was actually thinking of you when he said that...