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Soup Weather

I love soup, especially during the Fall and Winter months. What's your favorite restaurant soup? I thought of this because last night I was at Pinot Bistro in Studio City, and I was very impressed with their French Onion Soup. I would have to say that it's my current favorite. What's yours?

Soup - French Onion
Restaurant - Pinot Bistro; 12969 Ventura Blvd.; Studio City 91604

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  1. I love Urth Caffe's butternut squash soup. Mondays and Thursdays. so yummy.

    1. I've had the onion soup at Cafe Pinot downtown and agree it is yummy. But, especially for $3.95, it is hard to beat the french onion soup at La Dijonaise, 8703 Washington Blvd (@ Helms), Culver City.

      1. Spicy Hot Pot at Hot Pot City... behind the 99 market on Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel

        1. In Sherman Oaks, Mistral has great French Onion Soup. Actually, everything I've had there is great. The room is lovely too.

          1. Just went to Jar last night, craving a soup (& chops). They have an excellent lobster soup currently.

            1. OK...not a restaurant soup. But a good option when I crave onion soup and don't want to go out....like during the recent rains....is the Trader Joe's frozen onion soup. It really is rich and good.....very satisfying.

              1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, as I am looking for some good to great restaurant soups during the upcoming months. Just a reminder for this post, I'm not necessarily looking for French Onion. I would love to hear about any kind of soup you were impressed with. Thanks.

                1. Here's a recent thread about soups that help ease the under-the-weather blues - I'd think the soups would be even better enjoyed when feeling super-duper.


                  My most recent favorites were sourced from exilekiss's write-up on Izakaya Bincho. The two that come to mind from here are the zosui and the agedashi tofu.


                  Another is their tsukune dango nabe. You can find that in my long-winded tale:


                  For being such a tiny place in an obscure location, Izakaya Bincho brings some serious heat on the "Best Soup" list, at least in my book...

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                    Thanks Bulavinaka. I can't believe I missed the "Soup For When You're Sick" thread posted on 10/21/08. It's a great read.

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                      Hi omakase,

                      I second bulavinaka's votes. :) The made-from-scratch, when you order it, Zosui (Natural, Free-Range Chicken Soup with Rice) from Tomo-san is simply *wonderful* in this Winter weather. (^_^)

                      And a variation as bulavinaka writes about is their Tsukune Dango Nabe (Free-Range Chicken Meatball Soup), also made-from-scratch, when you order (it takes about 30 - 45 minutes).

                      Izakaya Bincho is a great little shop. :) Down-to-earth.

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                        My complements to you and Bulavinaka for writing such wonderful reviews on Izakaya Bincho. The soups sound like a "can't miss." Actually, the entire menu sounds great. Thanks for the rec.

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                          Sanuki no Sato has an udon dish, Karanabe Udon, which is steeped and served in an iron pot, like the soup dishes at Izakaya Bincho. It's pretty heady stuff - really hot and very spicy for Japanese cuisine, I normally consider it to be a bit too brusk for my tastes when it comes to udon. I think they punch it up with togarashi and maybe some kimchi. Whatever the case, I remember sweat running down from the top of head by the time I finished this - I considerable feat in itself, as the nabe is quite large and full of noodles, pork, seafood, vegetables, and tofu. Walking into the cold evening air after finishing this one would be a relief...

                    2. In the SFV, my favorite soups are the lentil soup at Carnival, and pho at Pho So 1 (Victory/Sepulveda branch).

                      1. Third and Olive in downtown Burbank does a nice French Onion soup, and on Fri and Sat they have a terrific singer there from 7 to 9pm doing old standards and (this time of year) some holiday songs. What an enjoyable way to escape the chill outside, I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed it. You can just sit in the bar , have the soup and enjoy the entertainment if you like, if you're not in the mood for a full dinner.
                        I mean, what better way to come in from the cold then to enjoy a hot bowl of soup while listening to someone sing "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas"?

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                          Yes, I've been meaning to check this place out. Thanks for reminding me. I usually go to the owner's other restaurant, Bistro Provence in Burbank. Third and Olive sounds right up my alley.

                        2. I have a huge soft spot for Belacan Grill's lemongrass seafood soup. The seafood was all really tender, then you add in the spicy lemongrass broth and some straw mushrooms and it's one of my favorite comfort soups.

                          Belacan Grill
                          2701 190th St Ste 100, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

                          1. Just Soup
                            444 W Ocean Blvd
                            Long Beach, CA 90802

                            1. I'm having very good soups at lunch at Fred Eric's Tiara Café downtown LA. Yesterday it was the beet soup, a top notch re-elaboration of the classic borscht. Sans the cream, sans the meat, still very satisfying.

                              Also: at Bella Roma SPQR, an excellent lentil soup, with the typical Castelluccio di Norcia tiny lentils (imported from Umbria, Italy).

                              1. My wife and I each had a soup for dinner tonight from Lupita's, a local Mexican joint in Pasadena. They always have shrimp soup and cosido on the menu; tonight they also had a chicken & rice soup and a fish soup. We had the shrimp and chicken tonight. Both were extremely satisfying for a cold night, and hearty enough (lots of shrimp/chicken and veggies) to be a full meal for one (or two generous first course servings).

                                2383 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

                                1. Elena's Greek & Armenian Restaurant in Glendale (corner of Glendale Blvd & Acacia) has a lentil soup to kill for. Closed on Sundays.

                                  1. a few recommendations:
                                    for terrific persian soups:
                                    shamshiri grill,
                                    attari sandwich shop

                                    for minestrone:
                                    antica pizzaria in marina del rey

                                    1. Ash at Attari
                                      Sopa Azteca at Monte Alban
                                      Vegetable meatball at Amandine
                                      Lentil at Mrs. Winston's

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                                        I've going to a place called Don Rogelio's which is a Tex-Mex place which was mentioned (with photos of their cocido) in this Lennoxico thread. It's more a homestyle kind of place and the owner Viola is a sweet lady. She is from Texas originally. I really like their burritos, but their soups are very much homemade with large chunks of meat and veggies. I went down there today and got a bowl of menudo and my mom got a bowl of chicken soup. We were given a bowl of refried beans and chips. When the soup showed up we were given small cups of chopped red onion, cilantro and a couple of slices of lime. My mom got some kind of spanish rice and I got a bunch of homemade flour tortillas. The bowls were big. My mom's bowl had a drumstick and a thigh swimming in the bowl. It was that big, with chunks of carrots and potato. She loved it and I very much liked my menudo with hunks of tripe, veggies and various spices floating about. There was also a large bone and a couple of chunks of fat in there so I doubt it's for the health conscious. Viola has suggested their vegetable soup with (as I recall 7 different veggies) and beef. I guess it's more of a vegetable beef soup from what it sound like. Huge bowls and very inexpensive. The link of the Lennoxico article with some photos of the cocido. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/545598

                                      2. Monte Alban for tortilla soup
                                        Mario's Peruvian - many varieties
                                        Nate'n'Al's - sweet'n'sour, chicken soup
                                        Mel's Diner - chicken soup w/ or w/o matzah ball
                                        The Bread Winner
                                        Comfort Cafe
                                        [might be flogged but my friend swears by Islands' Tortilla Soup]

                                        1. My favorite is the vegetable beef soup at Bake & Broil, on Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach. I have it every time I go there. I also had their chicken noodle once - best I ever had.