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The Drafting Room, Mitch and the great mashed potato debate

Just got done reading Mitch's review of the Drafting Room in today's Trend. I've never been but the dining room sounds terrific. Tables too close together is a pet peeve of mine, so this place sounds like my cup of tea. Or mug of beer. Not sure I'm ordering the mashed potatoes or potato pancakes though. I've never tried sour cream in my mashed potatoes at home, I use an obscene amount of butter instead, but I know people do like to mash sour cream in with their potatoes sometime. Are they any good that way or way too sour as Mitch says in his article?

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  1. been there many, many times and have never even thought to order what Mitch and his LDC had. It's a bar, great beer selection, several specials each time I go. I typically have "bar" food, nachos, cup a soup, even a sandwhich here and there. That being said, it's a great place. It's a little quiet when I go, usually a Saturday afternoon, you can here everyone's conversation in the dining area. Quite strange, I always feel it's empty when I visit. I'm sure Friday and Saturday nights it's hopping, though. I just realized they have mussels, will give that a try next time. No veggie dishes, however, My wife is a strict vegetarian and there isn't even a portobello burger on the menu, Boo!

    1. Well there is trouble at my home this morning! I saw your post and went right to the recycle bin to retrieve my copy of Trend. DH got the mail yesterday and promptly threw this week's copy out!

      I always put a bit of sour cream in my mashed potatoes at home. But not so much that it over powers the potatoes. Where the Drafting Room is concerned, we have eaten there many times since returning to this are in 99, In fact, it was the first restaurant we visited when we got back into town. The food is inconsistent. I have never experienced mashed potatoes with too much sour cream, but I haven't been there in about 2 months. I have never had food served to me that is too salty. I rarely use additional salt, and I would be turned off by food with too much salt in the preparation. I have been served dishes on more than one occasion that made a trip back to the kitchen.

      I find in recent times, The Drafting Room is only on our list if we are in the area and are in the mood for a burger.

      1. I've only been to the Spring House location a few times, but have averaged about a visit a week in Exton since shortly after they opened. I've never noticed a sour cream taste with the standard buttermilk mashed potatoes. Also haven't run into the "too salty" problem.

        I also have to stick up for the St. Louis ribs, which I've always enjoyed when I've had them. (Truth be told, there are only a few items on the menu I know well, since I order entree specials about 90% of the time.)

        1. I didnt see the article, but I have eaten once ( and never will I again) at the Drafting Room in Springhouse. The food was awful.

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            Agreed. I've eaten there a few times, never good. There are so many better places to get a burger and nachos... like Iron Hill which is just up the road...

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              Also been there once and will beat a path to Iron Hill to avoid the bad food.

            2. Just got back from there, I tend to get an urge to go to places Mitch reviews. But it was around ten pm so we just ordered from the bar menu. My friend got the puled pork sliders and I got hot wings. The waitress was charming and helpful to a beer noob like me. I asked what was hot on the draft beer menu and she suggested the christmas one and the old avery jubilation that they just tapped yesterday. So I got one of each. :) Everything was yummy, I especially liked the rolls for the sliders, and the wings had that freshly fried texture and taste. Also the dressing was rich with roquerfort cheese. The flat screens were on but without sound, and music was playing but I could still hear the girl at the nearest table, not that close at all, complaining about her boyfriend's addiction to Wow. He he! I got what I wanted, a nice respite after jousting at walmart and target. I guess sticking to the bar food is a good idea. Now to go play my dwarf online and drink a lot of simulated brews in the pick and goggle tavern. Wheee!

              1. We go there all the time as well and mostly order beer :) The food is good but I have noticed very inconsistent, I think they have rotating chefs so the food can be very different one day to the next (maybe one chef really liked sour cream....),

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                  Their beer menu is huge and overwhelming to this beer noob. What beers do you recommend?

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                    At the risk of being evasive, it depends on what you like. From a quick look at the Spring House draft list: Green Flash West Coast IPA is an old favorite, as is Dale's Pale Ale. If you like Old Jubilation, you should give the Corsendonk Christmas Ale a try. (I can't speak for the other winter ales; I'm not a fan of spiced ales.) Russian River Pliny the Elder is amazing stuff, though too agressively hoppy for some palates.

                    Otherwise, you could always consult the bartender. Chances are good, that he/she will be knowledgeable about the beers in stock, if not an out-and-out beer geek.

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                      Thanks brandy! Love your user name! That is the other one I tried, Corsendonk Christmas Ale. I also tried and liked Mad Elf at Capone's with my friend John. Do you happen to know if the other beers you mentioned are available on draft? You've already taken a lot of time with this beer noob so I don't want to impose but I do love me the beer on draft. Just seems so much livelier.

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                        Actually, all of the beers I mentioned were on the Drafting Room Spring House online draft list as of last night. (If I'd gotten into the bottle list, I'd have been at it for a while... :)

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                          Awesome and thanks again for your time. Do you have a preference between bottled and draft?

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                            The The Pliny the Elder disappeared in less than two days. There is a wonderful beer from Brooklyn Brewing. Its a farmhouse style ale, that is dry hopped with West Coast hops, so its incredibly dry. Highly recommended. Also on tap now is the Snow Goose, which is a nice winter ale as well.

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                              Not surprising; Pliny tends to go quickly when it's available.

                              Never had Brooklyn's farmhouse-style ale. I like most of their offerings, so I should keep an eye out.

                              And to carbs: All other things equal, I'll go with draft, but how much I like the beer is the first priority!

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                                Dang no Pliny. I will try the Brooklyn's and the Snow Goose to console myself. :) Beer is a beautiful thing!

                2. I tend to use sour cream in mashed potatoes, only on certain occasions. When I do so, I use a small amount, and also include lots of scallions. I've never noticed any over sour cream taste, just the slightest tang.

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                    Thanks for the info JPerry, I've been thinking of messing with my mashed potato routine, but it is hard because my usual way is the way both my grandmothers made it.

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                      I have, on occassion, used cream cheese in my mashed potatoes when I need to make them the day before & will be reheating. Go ahead and trash me if you want, but it works.

                      We used to like Drafting Room in Springhouse but haven't been there for a while. Our favorite waitress, Rebecca, moved to Texas with her honey, and we just haven't been back since. If I recall, another one of their claims to fame was a scotch tasting?

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                        I've heard of cream cheese on baked potatoes, a co-worker claimed it was really yummy Patti! I'd never trash such a wonderful fellow hound, but I admit I am not very experimental with my spuds.