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Dec 17, 2008 08:22 PM

Restaurant near Rockefeller center

I'm looking for a restaurant to take my parents to after we go the Rockettes on Saturday night .

The Requirements:

1) Can walk from Radio City (we are from Florida and its going to be COLD)
2) Main course under or around $25
3) Not touristy/no kids
4) Not Italian

Any sugggestions?? Thanks!

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  1. I like La Bonne Soupe on 55th. Not sure if you are looking for something fancier than that.

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    1. Probably the most immediate to Radio City in those specs is the Heartland Brewery, but if you're looking for more idiosyncratic fare, try a Brazilian spot on 46th. Not sure what the prices are like at Johnny Utah's on 51st, but it's even closer.

      I'd say, though, try Wu Liang Ye on 48th; it has some of the best szichuan in the city. And if you head south down Avenue of the Americas, pretty much every sidestreet will supply quality Indian, Cuban, etc.

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        Not the Heartland Brewery! Literally next door to Heartland is BXL cafe, which, if you can get past the decor and there isn't a soccer game on, has some of the best mussels in the city and a fantastic onion soup. Of course, it's a bar with a dining room, and it looks like it; but very, very good food (and beer).

      2. Pigalle at 48th or 49th and Seventh. Great mussels, onion tarts, and beers. Very big, full menu. Was there before theater last Saturday, go often. Also Shimizu, high end great sushi on W 51st.

        1. I will be watching this thread! I signed on with the intent of looking for a resto with nearly the exact same criteria... Want something special for my mom's 70th. We'll be having cocktails at the Rainbow Room, and then someplace more reasonable for dinner, but don't want it to seem like tooooo much of a comedown! :-)

          1. There really isn't anything within a short walking distance of Rock Center that isn't touristy, La Bonne Soup, included. Sorry to disappoint. You'll be best off taking a short subway ride out of the area.