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Dec 17, 2008 07:45 PM

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Los Gatos - Bundtlet for $3.99 any reports?

These sound really good to me: Bundtlet $3.99 single servings made by Nothing Bundt Cake in Los Gatos. Any reports?

Los Gatos (Bay Area), California

* Joni & Eric Curtis, Brent & Leah Rodemeyer
* 421 N. Santa Cruz
* Los Gatos, CA 95030
* 408.395.2959


Nothing Bundt Cakes
421 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA

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  1. LOVE the bundlets! Moist, rich, flavorful and the size is perfect for two. They advertise the portion size as "for one", but for me, its a lot for just one person. The icing is delicious. Sweet but not sickly, over-the-top sweet. And graphically appealing. Here are my rankings, of the flavors I've tried:

    1. Marble - came out #1 in a sampling with 6 other people
    2. Pumpkin spice - this is a seasonal flavor & I'm not sure they have it. But if they do, buy it! And I don't even like pumpkin...
    3. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
    4. Lemon

    The only one I don't recommend is the Red Velvet, unfortunately. The flavor tasted "muddy". The chocolate chips did nothing to improve it. Pass.

    The couple times I've been, customer service is good and they always take the time to explain everything and answer all your questions, you are never rushed. I also like that parking is relatively easy since they share a lot with Safeway. In Los Gatos that's saying a lot ;)

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      Just so people go to the right location....the lot is shared with Walgreens as Safeway is down the street.It took over the space of the former camera/photo store.

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        SanJoseHound - can you describe what Red Velvet is supposed to taste like? I've had it several times, and it always tastes vague, or muddy, or a la je ne sais quoi, to me. Thanks.

      2. Did you ever try them? Looking at their website it seems they are a chain headquartered in Las Vegas. They are opening one in Dublin soon.

        1. Tried this place for the first time last weekend. Had the marble buntlet, which was moist and tasty, but I won't go back again - the list of ingredients was truly a mile long - just about every additive and preservative known to man is in that little puppy. I think I'll stick with Icing on the Cake (YUM!) on Main St. in LG, or else Sugar Butter Flour in the Pruneyard in Campbell.

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            Oh, I didn't know Sugar Butter Flour or Icing on the Cake carried mini bundt cakes, or even bundt cakes, for that matter. If you're referring to their "regular" cakes (which Nothing Bundt Cakes does not make), I actually found Icing on the Cake's to be just... meh... OK. Not a lot of dimension to them. Sugar Butter Flour's style is a little too heavy for me. I prefer La Patisserie in Cupertino or Satura in Campbell for their cakes. If we're comparing cakes to cakes and not bundt cakes to cakes.