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Dec 17, 2008 07:01 PM

Best Lunch Spot between Denver and Albuquerque (via I-25)

What are some good recommendations that are not too close to one end or the other to stop and have an interesting lunch.? Not really concerend with what type of food; just something good and interesting.

I remember taking the El Paso-Los Angeles express bus, which stopped at a good taco cart. Am down for anything from a taco cart to a good sit down place. Appreciate your suggestions!

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  1. In Pueblo, Restaurant Fifteen Twenty-One is new and might serve lunch -- foodie, not Mexican type. It's at 123 North Main Street; 719-542 -9999.

    For Mex/Tex-Mex/border fare, I liked Rojas Restaurante Mexicano, especially its chile-laden chile con queso. It's located on the edge of downtown Pueblo just east of I-25 at 126 East Fourth Street; 719-543-1055.

    If you just want a take-out sandwich to eat in the car, Gagliano's is great. It's also close to I-25 at 1220 Elm Street; 719-544-6058.

    I've also stopped in Walsenburg, Raton, Wagon Wheel and Las Vegas and don't remember anything recommendable. By the time you get to Santa Fe, which is full of great food, you're pradtically in ALB.

    1. In Raton, NM there is a very good Mexican cafe. IIRC, the name is El Matador. We always find it by the look of the cafe. Get off I-25 and the Raton business exit and go "downtown" The restaurant that we enjoy is on the west (right) side of the street and has a mural painted on the side. Not sure on the name, but the building is definitely on the right side driving south.

      They make a Mexican hamburger on a large sopapilla with beans, taco meat and cheese smothered in either red or green chili (muy picante) and topped with lettuce and tomato. We usually share because it is pretty big. Good chili cheese fries also.

      1. I love Amanda's Fonda in Colorado Springs - great Mexican -- and it's not far from Manitou Springs which would be a nice break from the drive.

        1. Try the restaurant at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, N.M. Wonderful restored hotel and restaurant, good food the one time I tried it, and a good way to see a classic Victorian (yes!) town of the Southwest.

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