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Dec 17, 2008 06:56 PM

A Taste Of India in Cranberry?

I'm pretty sure I have the name right, it's in the location where FatBurger, on Rt. 19, near the Toyota dealership, used to be. Just wondering if anyone has tried this place yet?

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  1. I have eaten there once, for lunch. Some Chicken Tikka Massala and naan. It was good. Not incredible, but good. The buffet looked really good. Hoping to do that some time soon. Nice inside as well, despite the usual annoying Indian music. :D

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    1. re: Whigsboy

      Glad to know they have a buffet, I'm up that way a few times a months and will have to give the lunch buffet a try. Thanks.

      1. re: Rick

        Went for the lunch buffet and had a very good experience. It's $8.99 and includes a fresh made masala dosa delivered to the table. They had the usual indian buffet dishes but also had a mushroom dish that I've never had before that was very good, there was biryani on the buffet which I don't usually see, the tandoori chicken wasn't dried out like it so often is on a buffet, chicken saag instead of the usual palak paneer, and the chutneys tasted fresh made and were much more flavorful than what I've had in most other places. While it's not something I normall pay much attention to, but they had really nice plates! They also had plenty of smaller dishes and cups for your chutneys and such. For dessert they had this sweet carrot and raisin combination that was very tasty. The service was efficient and friendly and the owners seemed to be there constantly watching to make sure everything was going well. If you're in the area it is definitely worth a stop in for lunch.

    2. I guess I missed this thread back when you started it Rick. Granted, we headed out of town on the 19th, but it was either the night of the 17th or 18th (just as this thread came about!) that we stopped there and picked up some takeout for dinner. I'm no judge of how authentic Indian food is, but we got plenty of tasty stuff. I can't remember the dishes now, but we'll definitely go back. Reasonably priced and next time we'll eat in.

      I think they did a decent job of decorating, and very interesting not going for any drop ceiling. I don't know what it looked like when it was Fatburger, but I assume the color scheme and layout were much different.

      BTW it's called Flavor of India. I was trying to dig around and see if it was related to any other Indian places in the area, but so far as I can tell it seems not to be.

      For now, while I still live near Cranberry, it's great to see any new choice like this. I am thinking (hoping against all hope? ;-) that the influx of workers as the Westinghouse complex comes online will mean even more choices, that somewhere, somehow, a few more indie restaurants will set up and not just more chains. I expect lunch rush up there will get insanely busy at first until more places open.

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      1. re: CrazyOne

        Crazy, I'm not sure they did much of anything compared to FatBurger, looks like they even kept the same booths, tables, chairs, and small counter seating with bar stools they now use to store plates. Around 1 during lunch on a Wednesday the place was full and a party of 4 had to wait about five minutes for a table! I'm very glad to see it's going well for them.

      2. Do not go to Flavor of India... it is a big rip off.. I think because they are new and they are just learning the ropes, the customer care (if you call it that) is highly wanting..
        I have only been there twice, don't think they deserve my business anymore..
        The flat bread called paratha they serve is really unedible. Unlike the Naan or the roti which has a longer shelf life, paratha gets hard and chewy when it is left open for long. When I asked about it, I get a replacement about 20 minutes into the meal when I was almost ready to leave...
        even worse,... (I don't know why they did this.. ) they usually serve dosa with their weekend buffet . this time they did not serve that and of course the mango drink dessert was absent. Usually you expect a apologetic manager who makes up for the stuff this is missed; in this case it was a unashamed recalcitrant manager / owner who only made irrational excuses.
        My advice is to drive an extra 15 - 20 minutes down Route 19 South to Taj Mahal (McKnight Road.) The food is better, the atmosphere more authentic, and it is less expensive. Taj Mahal has been voted "Best Indian food in Pittsburgh" for several years running.
        My opinion: Taste of India is overpriced and lacking overall.

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        1. re: jojiboy

          Hi Jojiboy
          Saw your comments . We close the Restaurant @ 3 pm and start cleaning Tandoor and Kitchen to prepare for evening Shift . You arrived at Restaurant @ 2.45 pm and didnt decide whether to have Buffet or Snacks till 3 pm . Finally you decided to go in for Buffet and by that time our staff took out the Parathas . My staff told me that there is a customer and I made Paratha for him and served on table . why it was late ... well it takes time to Reheat the Grill and make Paratha . Regarding Non availability of Mango Lassi, we do not keep Mango lassi every day and keep on changing to have variety of Mango lassi / Sweet Lassi/ Masala Lassi , as the customers look in for variety .

          I remember that when you came to pay the Bill, you did not complain for the Food, you said that since you did not get Mango Lassi , How much discount you will get , of course you had few Glasses of Masala Lassi which you said was Good .

          1. re: sanjeev802

            On a weekday I stopped in and you didn't have the buffet, are you no longer doing a weekday lunch buffet?

            1. re: sanjeev802

              Thank you for your prompt reply. As you know I have nothing against you. I was at the receiving end of some shoddy service and that is the reason I had to pen my experience. I was there only once before on the 24th of Jan.; never again !
              Readers to these blogs deserve a honest appraisal of their experiences. So be truthful in what you write...
              I do not know if you remember/know what transpired; but in your vainglorious attempt to hide your shortcomings you are confusing me with somebody else.

              Rebuttal no 1
              I was not at Flavor of India at 2.45, I was there at about 2.30p. Even before I was helped to my seat, I told the waiter that I was gonna have the buffet. My credit card transaction was timed at 3.03 pm; that nails my point..
              Rebuttal no 2
              When I was on the buffet lines, I helped myself to the paratha. It was only when I had a bite that I told the waiter that it was unedible; of course by the time he replaced it, I was almost on dessert. that was a futile attempt.
              Rebuttal no 3
              I do not know what you are talking about Mango/sweet/masala lassi. When I was in the buffet lines, there was no lassi, period. the shammi kabab was empty. The main reason for my frustration, was that the dosa (that is served on your weekend buffet) was not served either..
              IF things ended there, it would have been a different story. The worse part is that with only half of the stuff served edible/ available... the guy asked me to pay the whole amount at the end (it is the most expensive weekend buffets in the burg).

              It is not uncommon for people to mess up. We all do. The worse part is not owning up to it. Usually, the manager makes up one way or the other. This place, the guy was trying to blow smoke up my rear end, and tell me it was raining.
              I work next door to your joint, nevertheless I am spreading the word about my experience.
              You have many lessons to learn Sanjeev...

              1. re: sanjeev802

                I was there this afternoon on my way to work (blue scrubs, sat in back corner)and can honestly say that my experience was one of the best that I've had in a long time. More than prompt and courteous staff, fast service and great quality. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to Indian cuisine and this naivete must have been clearly written across my face yet the hostess/waitress was more than eager to assist me. I see myself, time permitting, being a regular.

              2. re: jojiboy

                I understand your concern. I realize you were unhappy with the service.
                I assure you thatFlavor of India is indeed a very nice place to eat.
                They have just started and these may be part of teething problems but I am sure they will improve with time. I have always had good experiences at the restuarant.

                1. re: jojiboy

                  How exactly is Taj Mahal an "authentic" atmosphere? I've been there and the atmosphere certainly wouldn't be a reason for a visit to Taj Mahal!

                  1. re: Rick

                    We had the buffet Saturday around 1:30 PM. It was fairly busy, the staff was friendly and helpful, the food was hot and constantly being refreshed. We felt it was a good deal for good food. Hopefully they will survive.

                    1. re: Rick

                      Authentic can be a misnomer at times...
                      Like many other Indian joints this side of the suez, they mostly serve North Indian food. They do often have some South Indian stuff, but if sure misses the mark by a few points. Many a times I have tasted SOME of their North Indian stuff that would give ALL other Indian joints in the burg a run for their money !
                      Not the most hygienic place, Very much cheaper than Flavor of India though.. good spread for the price...!

                      1. re: jojiboy

                        For some reason I'm a big fan of Maharaja on Banksville Road. It's kind of my hole in the wall guilty pleasure. partly because they have a buffet for dinner, the only Inidan place in Pittsburgh that does to my knowledge. I've had better Indian, but I find myself going to Maharaja the most!

                        1. re: Rick

                          Well, sometimes it's also what's closer, too, assuming it's at a certain level of adequate. I mean no, you won't go to the place next door if it's terrible, but you also won't trek 1/2 hour or more for every meal if there's an adequate place closer for those "I don't wanna cook" situations.

                          1. re: Rick

                            how often do they have the evening buffet..
                            They have the evening buffet on Mondays and Thursdays at Taj Mahal, think it is Tuesdays at India Garden (Oakland).

                        2. re: Rick

                          Flavor of India exceeded my expectations for an Indian restaurant in the suburbs....I was reluctant to go because of my repeated awful experiences at Taj Mahal. It has gone down hill over the years and is certainly nothing to get excited about. The tandoori is always dried out and the food is just old and lacking in presentation and taste. Check the dates on the last time they won best Indian Pittsburgh. India Garden in Oakland has always been my favorite but Flavor of India was very good.....and if you go to a lunch buffet 30 minutes before it closes...far past typical lunch deserve missing items....and you should be required to pay the full price whether you like the food or not. If you are unhappy then do not go back but pay for your meal. People like that should be required to work in a restaurant for one is all it would take to instill a little humbling, common sense.

                        3. re: jojiboy

                          Good job that you posted everything you can think of Flavor of India compared with flavor of india with taj mahal good job..

                          But i will say it would be better if you kept these words within yourself. because it came to my sight and i found u are such a liar.
                          I have been to Flavor of india resturant for dinner and also I have worked in Taj Mahal for almost a year. so i can figure out well than anybody who comments in this site may be this is you or Sanjeev.
                          Every time i went to Flavor of india, i found the workers and managers friendly. the service is a bit slow in rush but it obivious that service delays when there is a rush. the food there are fresh, clean.

                          You started a comparison now.. between tajmahal and Flavor of India.
                          let me continue it :
                          do u think the food is better in tajmahal?
                          do you think the service there is good?
                          and do you think the place isbetter than flavor of india?

                          if u think so i will say u need a treatment dear.. coz u cannot differentiate good and bad.
                          and if u still want to know why i wrote this line just reply me.. i will let u know the reasons for that..

                          and my friend, i looked at your complaint too. i agree with u that u might have been treated that way... but look at the time.. when u reached...?
                          2:45 just 15 min before the resturant closes for the lunch. what would u expect?? if u had to complain you can check the buffet beore you sit down to eat and if u dont like it u can just walkout..

                          just keep in my touch i will let you know why u were wrong.
                          and one thing dont compare this resturant to tajmahal.... coz taj is a worst place to talk abt.

                          1. re: accesstimeline4

                            First of all, this is not a mud slinging game..
                            "Members" on this site have the right to honest opinions and appraisals. Some of these restaurant owners and their croonies take it on themselves to shake up the lather, make up 'comments' defending their shoddy service and food. For half the effort they put in here, they can get their act together and get people like me back to eating at their restaurants. what a SHAME !
                            Frogeyes and accesstime.. I have eaten at many Indian restaurants in bigger cities (beyond the US and India). I know what to expect when I reach half an hour before the closing time.
                            I also know what other restaurants do talking of positive customer service (you would not find any self respecting restaurant owner arguing with the complainant, rather would take pride in fixing the mistake) and retention strategies. Acesstime.. please go back and reread my post about Taj Mahal and what I said...;don't want to qualify much with a reply !