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Any good eats in Malden?

What ya think?

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  1. I really like All Seasons Table on Pleasant Street in Malden Center. Good Pan-Asian cuisine, clean, modern, upscale atmosphere, and decent prices.

    1. Hint since you're new to Chowhound: use the search function to search the Boston board. There are lots of threads that include recs for Malden and nearby. Many regular posters will not respond to an open question such as you posed because it's repetitive, so unless you search first, you will probably miss out on a lot.

      You will, for example, see several loving threads devoted to Fuloon.

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          Just got back from lunch at Fuloon. Great as ever! Brought back the bang bang chicken to help ride out the storm.

          1. re: yumyum

            You are a genius! (And obviously not a NE local; otherwise, you'd be stock-piling white bread and milk for no reason.)

            1. re: digga

              I live a block and a half away and I'm tempted to call in for delivery...

            2. re: yumyum

              I was with YY and found a a little Indian shop on the walk to the T. .bought some spices. There was also a nice little Irish bar across the street.

              Simple pub food looked good...beer was served at the right temp..:)

              eta..The Indian shop was a few door away from All Season's..walking from the T..

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                Was it Hugh O'Neil's or Honeyfitz?

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                  Hugh O Neill;s.... Honey Fitz Appeared closed.

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                    Honey Fitz is closed during the day. Opens in the evening but not sure what time. Been there for years so they obviously know what they are doing.

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                      When Honey Fitz opened many years ago it was nice. The last time I was in there, several years ago it was a real dump. Unless they've changed, Hugh O Neill's would be the better choice.

          2. Pasta Market Cafe - my favorite Italian anywhere, eggplant parm is to die for!
            Pisa Pizza - great pizza
            Dipietro's - good subs, good calzones, love their steak tip salad
            All Seasons - good sushi but not in love with their other food

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              God, how could I forget the Pasta Market? Their pizzas are pretty good there, too, BTW...

              What is that place in Maplewood Square that serves up good pizza slices? I recall reading about it a couple of years ago, but can't seem to find any info on it.

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                Maplewood Square has both Neapoli on Lebanon St and My Pizza next to Fisherman's Fleet fish market (which is very good). I'm not sure which one has good slices. I tend to order delivery from Nonni's in Linden square or Primo's.

              2. re: lulu806

                Your list is very much seconded by me. ;)

                I laugh a little when I see my cheese pizza with a little oil floating on top, it's so good!

                I love Dipietro's steak tip salad, it's the best (I think)...

              3. Second all that's said here plus I'd add Exchange Street Bistro, which is eclectic with decent value ($18-25 entrees and you can use restaurant.com gift certificates).

                1. I like Serena's in Maplewood Sq. for Italian and, of course, FuLoon.

                  Patrick's (Maplewood Sq) is good for a no-frills breakfast.

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                    Tivoli on Exchange Street is very good, too for a nice meal. I second All Seasons Table, very good.

                    For more casual/run-of-the mill meals:

                    For burgers/tips, etc. Pearl St. Station is a good choice.
                    The Highland Cafe on Highland Ave. has great pizza and some good Italian red sauce plates, like veal parm. The waitresses are all great, too. And I do mean waitresses. I don't think I was ever saw a waiter there.

                    1. re: masterson

                      Is Tivoli's still open?? Every time I've gone by there it looks deserted and has no lights on. I found their hours to be very erratic -- it would say they were open on a certain day, but not necessarily so....

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                        I forget when they are open- but it is not every noght- I was at Exchange street bistro, on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and they were closed. Worth a call befor going- but the food IS good.

                    2. fuloon
                      pho 99
                      saigon noodle
                      tasty island
                      pisa pizza
                      exchange street bistro
                      all seasons table

                      1. Not mentioned yet is Vinny's Pizza- their sauce has gotten sweeter since I started ordering it so I don't like it as much any more, but I do like their white pizzas and you can't beat the price- $9.00 for a large pie.

                        I'll second All Seasons Table and FuLoon. Also Saigon Noodle and PHo 99. And I am a fan of Salem Wood Cafe.

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                          stumbled into VInny's when Wang's was closed and had a great osso buco -- and a huge plate of food for about half the price of osso buco in fancier places-- also noticed they had a reasonable price on an Amarone (which we did not try but will another time)

                          1. re: barleywino

                            Different Vinny's, I believe And my fault for the misspelling it's Vinnie's (in Malden) I was posting about, you're posting about Vinny's in Somerville, right?

                        2. Tivoli's on Exchange St. is unbelievable - so cute, cozy and wonderful food prepared by a husband/wife team. All cooked to order so you cannot be in a hurry. Oh, it is only opened for dinner. Has been a mainstay in Malden at the same location for over 12 years.
                          Artichokes is good for Italian. It is right next to the Malden Orange line station.
                          Primo's Pasta Market is wonderful homemade Italian - on Ferry St. heading towards Everett.
                          Maplewood Meat Market in Maplewood Square to buy very good meats.
                          Neopoli in Maplewood Square for a very large selection of subs and tasty ones. Nothing special as far as decor.
                          Have heard lots of good recs for Nonni's (across from Squire's) for their pizza. They have weird hours - during the week opens at 4.
                          Next door to Nonni';s is Nick's - always lines for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Prices are good and food is decent.
                          Cookies by Miss Jackie is a mostly order business but can sit inside for a cup of cookie and her delicious homemade cookies and brownies. Also, her baskets are a nice touch to send as it is something different from the flowers and fruit baskets.
                          Enjoy - lots to take in. Malden was voted the best city to live in the November issue of Business Week - good schools and lots of diversity and low crime.

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                            1. re: galangatron

                              They deliver to Malden. The city limit must run right by their building. The Walgreen's next door to them is in Malden.

                          1. Consider going one town over to Bistro 5 in Medford. It's quite good. http://bistro5.com/

                            1. Love the Salemwood Cafe. Great steak tips, coconut shrimp and the only place I know where you can get a foil wrapped massive baked sweet potato.

                              1. Massimo's! Where the pasta plates are as big as the hair!

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                                1. re: Swankalicious

                                  That's funny... Actually, have wanted to go to the place as it has been there awhile so it must be doing something right even if it has big hair!!

                                  1. re: taxi

                                    Actually, I've eaten at Massimo's twice - once when it opened (and I swore I'd never be back) and again, unfortunately, for a surprise bday party. I find the food to be terrible and definitely a waste of time considering you could be at either the Pasta Market or Abbondanza in under 10 mins from there.

                                    1. re: lulu806

                                      Never been to Massimos, but love both Pasta Marker and Abbondonza- nothing like homemade pasta. The seafood/pasta entrees at Abbondanza are great- and when I go, we usually get two apps and spilt an entree- still plenty of food!

                                      1. re: macca

                                        Thanks for the reminder about Abbo. I haven't been in a long time. Wish I could be there now!! Happy New Year to all. And, a very big thanks for all your suggestions through the year.

                                      2. re: lulu806

                                        Massimo's when it was in Everett was one of our favorites... it moved to Malden and the food is awful now. I have no idea what happened in the move- maybe the chef left who knows, it is just not the same food anymore.

                                        1. re: MeffaBabe

                                          I haven't dined in Malden for a while, but remember the Artichoke being a great experience. I am looking forward to going back soon.

                                  2. went to john brewer's tavern last night. enjoyed the bar area and if i didnt look outside the window i would have not known we were in a strip mall. beer prices were good but the bartenders left something to be desired (slow service). friend and i had wraps which were pretty big and tasty, but the fries were forgettable.

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                                    1. re: rds85

                                      Where is John Brewer's Tavern in Malden? Thanks.

                                      1. re: taxi

                                        In the former Bambinos space, next to the former Caldor store (I'm OLD!)

                                        1. re: sinned61

                                          I'm ancient, too!! I recall Caldor and the Converse sneaker place behind it!!

                                          1. re: taxi

                                            Too funny!! I uses to work at Converse- and the Malden plant was open when I worked there ( though not in the Malden location), so I guess I am really ancient! To keep on topic, we used to love to go to Brandano's!

                                    2. Hey, quick specific question since this thread is still active: has anyone here had the pizza at Ristorante Serena (www.ristoranteserena.com) in Maplewood Square? They had a little circular in our local paper, and I hadn't paid attention to their advent 2 years ago. Comments?

                                      1. I like Exchange Street Bistro / Tivolis (when they're open LOL) / All Seasons Table / Joti Palace has really good Indian food. I find that Pisa Pizza has gone downhill of late.
                                        Does anybody know of places in Malden or Medford that serve Chinese take-out and do not use MSG? I get terrible migraines from the stuff. Thanks!

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                                          Uhh yeah, there is a little place called Fuloon in Malden that might come up with one or two minor hits if you search for it on this board.

                                          1. re: drbangha

                                            Thanks ... I did read all the +++ comments re: Fuloon. My question specifically addressed the issue of the use of MSG in the preparation of the food.

                                            1. re: jenthehen

                                              I highly, highly doubt that they use MSG but just give them a call and ask. Ask to speak to Diane. They certainly don't use it in all dishes. It is some good stuff, just writing this is making me crave....

                                        2. Malden / Melrose is a hotbed for great eats ...

                                          here are a few of my favorites ...

                                          Tivoli's: quiet and intimate - good romantic date place - very quaint ... no bar scene - just beer and wine. Food is phenomenal - chef used to be executive chef for Bay Tower Room.

                                          Exchange St. Bistro: large bar scene ... going for hip New York/LA/Miami lounge feel - but remember this Malden. All and all it has an interesting vibe.

                                          Artichokes: Amazing italian food with ENORMOUS portions ... restaurant is very small - so if they are busy may be waiting a while. Also just beer/wine. (*Note - they have opened a second location in Wakefield Center - with full bar)


                                          Mexico Lindo: Hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had ... nice outdoor patio in the summer.

                                          Turner Seafood: Great seafood - enormous bar ... quality and consistent product.

                                          121 Exchange St, Malden, MA 02148

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                                          1. re: mikdisc

                                            What do you like at Mexico Lindo? Other than the ceviche I am just dissapointed with everything I have had. Soggy has been the theme. I'd love to love it as it is very close to my house.

                                            1. re: drbangha

                                              ahh ... ok - I moved from the area 2 yrs ago and have only been to the Artichokes in Wakefield. Surprised regarding your comment on Mexico Lindo - Carne asada burrito is what I order every time ...

                                              1. re: mikdisc

                                                I will give that a try.... Like I said I would love to love it. Also, a brand new bakery opened up two days ago across from the East Wyoming train stop. I had whole wheat bread and a fabulous cupcake for dinner last night. They have an extensive sandwhich menu too. I was impressed.

                                            2. re: mikdisc

                                              the artichokes in malden closed last year

                                            3. Habesha one of the best Ethiopian Restaurants in all of Boston is located in Malden. Its unassuming compared to say the Red Sea in the South End but the food is out of this world and the Honey wine is fantastic. Really a must for any serious foodie. One tip is Saturday night it can get super crowded so go on a week night or early.

                                              Habesha Restaurant
                                              535 Main St, Malden, MA

                                              Red Sea Cafe
                                              1127 Harrison Ave, Roxbury, MA 02119