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Dec 17, 2008 05:16 PM

Old Homestead or Keen's?

I have a reservation and both but have never been to either. For a bachelor party.

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  1. i'd vote for keen's...for food by a bit, for vibe by a big margin. prime rib and chops especially good at keens.

    1. You won't really go wrong with either one. I agree with David Sprague that Keen's gets a slight edge for food, but I think Old Homestead actually might be better for a larger group.

      1. Can't go wrong either way both are awesome.

        Best porterhouse in Manhattan (2nd in NYC to Luger) and Second best Prime Rib in NYC= Keen's
        Best Prime Rib ib NYC= Old Homestead

        Ambience I agree Keens is nicer and both offer very good sides. Creamed spinach are two of the best you will find. Old Homesteads fries are of the steak variety which I love, however Keens does have great fries as well. Keens also does a nice carrots with brown butter and mushrooms. Desserts are standard, with Keens having more inventive options.

        1. In addition, perhaps the Single Malt selection @ Keen's w/their own menu also gives Keen's a big edge.

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            People, this is a bachelor party. And I have been to them at both places. Are there strippers involved? Then you want Old Homestead, because they have a private room with a separate bathroom, so the rest of the place does not know what is going on. Keen's will put you in the Lilly Langtree Room, which has a door, but no privacy.

            I think Keen's has the better food and ambiance, but Old Homestead is better if you are bringing in your own entertainment.

          2. I love keens, but Homestead might be a little seedier, Diamond Jim Brady type of place, that suits a bachelor party.

            I do disaparove of double booking reservations, though. You are keeping a reservation from someone else, and screwing one of the two places. Pick a place, then make a reservation.