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Dec 17, 2008 04:55 PM

snohomish for xmas

Hi - I'm visiting relatives in Snohomish next week, and while I grew up/lived in Seattle for years I moved away in '04; I know plenty of places downtown to eat, but would love to take my mom to a nice spot somewhere near Snohomish, if that's possible. We're open to anything, casual is fine, and if it's a local/seasonal menu, that'd be a treat for me (I live in the Bay Area now). Any gems that have popped up in the last 4 years?

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  1. I live just up the hill from Snohomish and am there frequently. Snohomish does not have a lot in the way of very good dining options. Nana Carmela's and Sockeyes in Monroe (less than 10 miles from Snohomish) come immediately to mind. Some people think that Mrs. Pennycooke's Tea Room in downtown Snohomish is cute. I have had better classic British food myself.

    1. I would make the trip across the tressel to the Everett waterfront. Past the Navy base you have Lomdardi's, Anthony's Homeport., and the Woodfire grill.

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        Thanks MillCreek & hickdolphin, you're kind of confirming my guess, but I thought hounds would be the best bet to find something new that might be worth a try...I know in the past I've found a couple neat spots in Everett to eat, so that will probably be what happens, snow permitting!

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          Your welcome! I used to live on Fobes Hill. I would always dine in Everrett.

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            Let us know if you have any particular cuisine in mind and want some recommendations. You will be arriving right in the middle of a major snow event and driving may be tricky. If driving was not a problem, I would refer you about 35 minutes north on Highway 9 to Bistro San Martin in Arlington. This is quite possibly one of the best places to eat in Snohomish county, in my view.

        2. There's a quaint little place in Snohomish called the Collector's Choice. It's small and always has a great special going on. Very reasonable prices too.

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            To the extent that Snohomish has good restaurants, Collector's Choice, the Cabbage Patch, Mardini's and Fred's Riverside Alehouse would be on that list.

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              I simply can't agree that Collector's Choice has good food. I have never had anything that was any better than a Denny's there! I do like Fred's Riverside Alehouse.
              If you do go to Everett, there is now a place on Colby called "The Irishmen" that is a welcome choice!

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                I have never really seen why the Collector's Choice and the Cabbage Patch are so popular, but some people rave about them.

          2. My wife and I have lived in Snohomish County since 2000 and we love good food. Thus, when we go out, we drive to Seattle. You will have so many more choices and such better quality that the 20-30 minutes you spend driving into the city are well worth it.

            If you insist on staying close to Snohomish, here are the least objectionable options I can think of:

            If you want an enjoyable breakfast experience, take her to the Maltby Cafe just down Highway 9 from Snohomish. It's good breakfast food (which I used to think wasn't hard to screw up until I accidentally ate at the Buzz Inn and Collector's Choice restauatns in Snohomish).

            Alligator Soul in Everett gets more buzz than it deserves but is a solid choice for New Orleans style comfort food. Fine dining it is not.

            The best Italian food you'll find in the county is Luca's in Lake Stevens. Don't be put off by the fact that it is in a little strip mall: their gnocchi is legit. Lombardi's on the Everett waterfront is decent but I'm afraid all I can do is damn that place with faint praise: they've never screwed up an order in the 3-4 times I've been there with family/friends.

            Anthony's (both Woodfire and Homeport) rank only a notch above Outback, Olive Garden, and other chain restaurant food in my book. If you think Anthony's is haute cuisine, then disregard this post as that of a food snob!

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              Woodfire Grill is horrible! We went one time with a relative visiting from another country and luckily our relative did not speak English so he did not know completely, how horrible the service was! The bartender was the waiter, to start off with, my husband asked him what beer was on tap, he said, he couldn't tell him, for my husband just to tell him what he liked nd he would say if they had it or not!! It went downhill from there, including giving us a menu that was old so the things we chose from it, didn't exist as choices anymore!! Another time, our office had made reservations for a group of us to have lunch there, 8 of us. Even with reservations and the prior knowledge of a time limit, the table was not ready for us. They fixed the table, and literally, all the glassware was dirty and some of the silverware. We told them we needed clean items, so they decide to move us to another table!!! After waiting while they prepared that for us, using up even more of our time, we then quickly ordered and they brought all of our lunches at different times!!!! NEVER AGAIN!

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                If you do go into Everett, the Majestic Cafe, the Vintage Cafe and Buck's American Cafe are worth a try.

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                  Thanks to all - yeah, the weather is going to put a damper on the excursions, and as I mentioned, I'm plenty familiar with eating well in Seattle proper - living there for well over a decade, I have plenty of favorites and places to try. The idea was hopefully to see if there was something a else. Anthony's, etc are obviously out, as is the Maltby Cafe which is a regular haunt for my mother and not a favorite of mine in the past. Curious about the spot in Arlington and possibly Luca's. Mom and I are open to all cuisines (ok, she won't eat sushi, but that's fine) styles, so we'll see what we can get to without risking being stuck in a ditch on the way home! Thanks again for all the suggestions, definitely know more now than I did before about what's current in SnoCo.

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                    Be sure to let us know where you went and what you thought of the place.