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Dec 17, 2008 04:30 PM

Cocktails and bars

One has to do something to fill those long hours between meals in New Orleans, and my usual pastime of choice is drinking. :)

We're heading down for a few days for NYE, so what are the bars and cocktails we shouldn't miss? (Note: first person to suggest a Hand Grenade has to chug three of them.)

Some favorites of mine, from memory:
Sazerac at the Carousel Bar--We're staying at the Monteleone, so I'm sure we'll be hitting the Carousel pretty hard. The Sazerac was wonderful, but is there anything in particular I should order there?

Monsoon at Port of Call--not for the meek. A tastier, pink-colored take on the Hurricane, and a great choice if you want to get your swerve on early in the evening.

Hurricane at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop--Nothing remarkable about the Hurricane itself, but the location is great.

Anything at dba--Incredible selection of beers and liquors on Frenchman Street.


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  1. Just off the top of my head I'd add Napoleon House - Saz there and a Pimm's Cup.

    For late-evening wind-down away from the throng, you might try Bombay Club behind the Prince Conti Hotel. On Conti, one-half block off Bourbon. Laid back. Nice.

    1. I was definitely goingt to suggest dba. Try a Lindeman's Belgium beer...Kreik or Frambroise. They are YUMMY!

      St. Joe's on Magazine

      Dos Jeffes Cigar Bar on Tchopitoulas

      ***Napoleon House - order the Pimm's cup

      The Goldmine (more of a club)! - ORDER A FLAMING DR. PEPPER!!!!!

      Helix Restaurant & Wine Bar in Hotel Le Cirque

      1. Get a Vieux Carre (prounounced "view cah-ray") at the Monteleone - it is their house specialty. Go to the French 75 bar next to Arnaud's and get a Sazerac or French 75. Go to the bar at the Renaissance Pere Marquette when Chris McMillian is working and get a Mint Julep, Sazerac, Manhattan, or whatever you want.

        Yo Mama's has a great tequila selection.

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          Chris is truly a master, this is a must do. If you have time visit the food and cocktail museum, great fun!

        2. go to Lafitte's Blacksmith and get an Obituary Cocktail. or, get the book and visit the bars in it. cheers!

          1. IRIS, in the quarter, has an amazing cocktail menu!