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Dec 17, 2008 03:31 PM

(real) Tourtiere in Calgary?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a place in Calgary to get real Quebec style Tourtiere - the kind with potatoes and meat, not just a meat pie. My husband is from Quebec and I'd love to be able to find something close to what he is used to for the holidays. His family tried to teach me but it was like a 12 hour process and made enough to feed about 30 - way more than I need for our family of 3... Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Tortiere is so good. I wish I could direct you to a place in town, but my annual Christmas Eve tortiere fix is homemade, Acadian style.

    It does look like Simple Simon Pies (in the CFM) has it. They list it on their website. It's pork and beef based, no rabbit. Not sure what meats your in-laws use.

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      The Simple Simon Tortieres, like most of their pies, make a hearty lunch when you are in a hurry, but are a far cry from home-made. And while I'll admit to eating them w/ a fried egg in top, whem I'm working an overnight shift, I do find the tortiere to be one of the more "industrial" tasting of their products (not like the veggie curry pies, YUM), very finely minced meat paste w/ just a few flecks of carrot.

      Now I seem to remember there being a different pie maker at the Crossroads Market, though the last time we went I'm sure they'd been replaced by Simple if someone knows where to go for the real deal, I'd love to find out too.

    2. Calgary Farmer's Market has a Quebec stall and I believe they have tortiere.

      1. I don't remember tourtiere having potato, just meat (pork), onion and spices. I've never made it myself but I've seen it made lots and it seemed easier than 12 hours, I'd recommend buying frozen pie shells, sauteeing the filling and making it from (almost) scratch.

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          The less common type with potatoes and larger chunks of meat, not minced meat, is known as Tourtiere de Lac St-Jean. It's hard to find but much better than the minced kind.

        2. here is the recipe

          1.5 kg of ground pork
          6 crushed garlic cloves
          salt pepper to taste
          1 liter of milk
          1 teaspoon all spice
          1 cup mash potatoes
          cook meat with all ingredients except potatoes
          when cook app 1hour ar medium high
          throw in mash potatoes and with and hand mixer work the meat until there is no lump
          put mixture in pie shell and cook in oven at 350 until brown
          the purpose of the mash potatoes is to absorb the pork fat

          merry christmas from flavours of the world

          thank you to the administrators of that site for not removing that recipe as they always to with everything related with flavours of the world

          1. There is indeed at least one other pie purveyor at the Farmer's Market, as well as the Quebec merchant with maple fudge and a variety of pies.