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Dec 17, 2008 02:56 PM

Restaurants in downtown for a crowd, but open for Saturday lunch in Raleigh?

My family is coming in this weekend and we are going to the Nutcracker at 11am on Saturday. We are looking for someone to eat after, but my first thoughts (The Pit and Sitti) are not open for lunch on Saturday. Does anyone know anywhere that is good, crowd pleasing and open for lunch on Saturday?


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    1. re: mpalmer6c

      Oops. that would help. Raleigh.

    2. I have not eaten there yet, but Poole's Diner is open for Saturday brunch. I had some of their food at a charity event and it was very good.
      The Big Easy is a Cajun place in downtown. We've been there for lunch on Sunday, but I can't tell from their website if they're open for Saturday lunch or not.
      The restaurant at the new Marriott in downtown is likely to be open for lunch. Expensive, but it would be convenient and could certainly handle a crowd.

      1. I believe the Oxford will be open. Easy walking distance from the theater. They have room for a big group, and would reserve a table for you I think. Moderate prices, not-too-unfamiliar menu (always a consideration with extended family gatherings - at least my family!). .

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        1. re: dubedo

          Has anyone actually eaten at the Oxford yet? I think the food at Amra's and Sono are in the category of "fine", but not a place where I would just really really want to go for a family celebration meal, so I am wondering about the quality of the food. And is it more of sceney type place? I feel that way at Sono (not so much Amra's... kinda like that place) and am not looking for a place "trying hard to be hip" for this group....I would hear about it!

          1. re: VaNC

            I've eaten at Oxford a few times. I would classify the food as "good for a pub." When I choose Oxford my other (mental) choices are Hibernian, Tir Na Nog, maybe the Times (the Times has better food but sometimes I like a little variety). Last night we ate at the bar and I had a nice big microgreen salad with fried goat cheese. My husband had the smoked chicken empanadas, which are very good. Sometimes it's nice to go out for drinks and conversation and be able to have some food that is fresh and non-greasy. Also, you're pretty much always guaranteed a table because it's so huge. The decor is cheesy and theme-y, but as a downtowner I'm glad to have the added option.

        2. Actually, Sitti is open on saturday for lunch. mmmm.... hummus...

          1. We like 518 West. Not too far away, good for groups, good food and service. We've always been happy there.