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Dec 17, 2008 02:56 PM

steaks in tampa florida

going down to the superbowl- were are the best steaks in town

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    1. re: RibDog

      The real problem with this type of article is that it's only talking about the steaks and not the rest of the accompaniments or anything else for that matter. At Bern's the steak is great but the sides are mediocre to awful. Some people adore the over-the- top decor and the dessert room and some think it's ridiculous. The wine list is very comprehensive and the kitchen tour is fun. Most serious foodies wouldn't go back after having gone once. Salt Rock Grill is very good. Spoto's in Dunedin has a good filet and strip but the service and the other food is spotty. That's the biggest problem in the Tampa Bay area--the restaurants are notoriously inconsistent as to quality.

    2. Hands down as the locals will tell you it's Salt Rock Grille. I'm a huge foody and this place is to die for. If you really want to impress the hostess ask for Dale. He's been a server there for years. The ambiance is terrific and you can actually watch the grill as your steak cooks, I mean you'd have to leave your table, but you can see it. Just go there.

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        Great post, really--- but you cracked me up...
        "If you really want to impress the hostess ask for Dale"...

        Impress the hostess...

        Matty you're a frikkin' gem...

      2. By far, Bern's is best. People like to put it down and say it ain't what it used to be. Maybe not, but I have been going since the early 70's (I don''t live there) Bern's has one of the top wine lists in the world, and will sell great wines by the ounce at same price as whole bottle. They dry age the prime beef and grill over charcoal. I have NEVER had to send a steak back. Make their own salad dressing.. Grow their own organic vegetables. Roast their own coffee. Make all sauces, desserts, etc. Import sour cream from NYC. Top notch service. Nowhere else in Tampa will you find such a steak. There are some good chains there, like Cap Grille and Fleming's and some lesser ones like Palm and Ruth's Chris. None of them, repeat, none of them serve USDA Prime dry aged beef and that makes all the difference in the world. by the way, I have eaten at those other chains, in Tampa. Bern's it is. Good luck in getting a table

        1. My husband and I both love Charley's in Westshore. Not cheap, but really good. It's our celebratory "go-to" place.


          1. Whatever place you choose, you would be wise to make the reservation now. I would not be surprised if there are some places that are already booked for superbowl time.