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Dec 17, 2008 02:25 PM

Best Sushi In LA?? Where??

Who has the best sushi in LA?

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  1. Hamasaku of course. Sasabune comes in a close second.

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    1. How much are you willing to pay?

      Everybody's got a favorite sushi joint, you will not find a 100% consensus on this board.

      1. Urusawa and Nozawa.

        Let the wars begin.

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        1. re: woojink

          the gladiators are waiting below the colosseum.

          the question is too vague to answer. it largely depends on what kind of sushi you want, how traditional...

        2. I think Sasabune and Hiko are the best I've had so far

          1. If your budget is unlimited then Urasawa. If the budget is limited but extremely healthy then Mori or Zo.