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Dec 17, 2008 02:21 PM

hostess gift for someone on Bernstein diet

I am looking for a food or culinary gift for someone on the Bernstein diet. She loves to cook and bake. But she isn't into "stuff" so I really need to think about what I can bring to an event that won't violate her diet or clutter up her space.

Any suggestions would be appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've had a couple friends do the Bernstein diet- it's so restrictive (one of my friends was allowed roughly 1000 calories a day), so it's hard to find many tasty foods that will work with the diet.

    My suggestion would be a selection of spices from Spice Trader, or a selection of Mighty Leaf teas (both friends drank a lot of herbal tea when they were on the diet).

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      Gourmet spices and teas are a great idea. I don't know if this will violate her diet but salts are nice too, the different types (Himalayan..etc.etc.) that they have in little jars/gift sets, if it's something she's into.
      Maybe not something I would buy myself but I'd love it if someone gave it to me as a hostess gift.

      If she's into hot things maybe some pickled peppers in a fancy jar?

    2. If she loves to bake and cook, why not some baking equiptment? I love getting fun kitchen gadgets (zester, garlic press, etc) that I normally wouldn't buy for myself.