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Dec 17, 2008 02:08 PM

red wine & pulled pork

what type of red wine should we open for a slow cooked bbq sauced pulled pork (cooked in oven, not smoked). will be served with coleslaw, if that matters.

I would appreciate a white rec too. white may be an option too.

Any thing bbq'd I usually think of malbec or zin, but that is usually beef, not sure about the pork & bbq sauce.


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  1. I make pulled pork rather often, perhaps more Spanish than BBQ in flavor, but I use chili powder, Spanish smoked paprika (pimenton), and other BBQ spices that are found in a sauce or rub. Depending on what else the pork is served -- and I generally also go in the direction of coleslaw or corn/polenta, my favorite pairing is -- hands down -- off-dry Riesling. That said, a light red along the lines of Grenache/Spanish Garnacha also works, but a Pinot Noir or Zin seems heavy and leaden with this particular dish.

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      Agreed. A dry reisling (Saint M riesling by Chateau Ste Michelle is a good value) and/or a garnacha or even a tempranillo. Or a beaujolais nouveau or villages (light-bodied, no frills red).

    2. Zinfandel. It goes well with the sauce/seasonings regardless of whether the meat is beef or pork.

      1. Chateau Ice Cold Beer

        1. Lager hands down, but a zingy riesling might be nice. Its just such a heavy sweet flavor that you kinda want something that will cut through it. If a gun was to my head for a red wine, I'd say shiraz, just because I couldn't pile a heavy zin on top of the bbq (more of a personal pref there)

          1. I'd go with a petite sirah. I think it depends on your sauce though, if it's vingar based I would probably stick with beer. If it's tomato based then red wine will be fine.