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Dec 17, 2008 01:54 PM

Where to eat on Highway 44 STL to Tulsa

I am going to visit the parents in Texas and we are going out via highway 44 to Tulsa. I have plans for Rolla at a Slice of Pie....where else should we eat? Nothing fancy as this is road trip time!

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  1. I went to grad school in Rolla. Slice of pie is a good stop. about 45 min before that, you will hit Cuba. They have excellent BBQ in a place called Missouri Hick. I love their brisket, but the rest of their meats are very good, as well. Fill up there, grab a couple bottles of sauce to go, and by the time you get to Rolla, you should be ready for pie. From your direction, I'd get off at exit 210 and follow Old 66 South/West into cuba. It'll be on your right, and pretty apparent when you get there.

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      Thanks! Any old diners that are good that way too?

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        Not that I can recall (its been a couple years). There is a MaidRite, although its not exactly a diner. There are however a couple decent mexican joints there. My fave was El Rodeo just off the interstate (near the Holiday Inn Exp). You could get 4 enchiladas (I preferred 2 chicken and 2 cheese) and a huge Dos Equis Amber with tip for under $10. Chainwise, there is a shoney's, wafflehouse, etc there, too.

    2. I found Sweetwater BBQ just sourthwest of rolla a bit.
      14076 Highway Z
      St Robert, MO 65584
      (573) 336-8830

      A bit casual, but great brisket.