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Dec 17, 2008 01:14 PM

dinner "on the way to cape may"

dani0622's post "dinner in Cape May" inspired me to take a road trip/mini vacation this weekend. we will be driving down the parkway Friday night from exit 120 to exit 0, and I was hoping someone could recommend a place to stop for dinner along the way. this is a great opportunity for us to try someplace new, as we don't usually eat anywhere in between. the only requirements are that the service be relatively quick (in and out in under 1 hour), the price be not too expensive ($10-25pp), and that the food be delicious! i look forward to your suggestions...

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  1. I would do The White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City. If the line is not too long, you will be in & out in under an hour. You can always sit at the counter or take the food to go. It will take you about 20 minutes each way back & forth from the parkway. Well worth the extra time in my opinion.

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    1. re: wizard2

      What is so good about their subs?

      1. re: Tapas52

        The bread, the ambiance, & the chopped hot peppers. Add the steak & cheese & it's heavenly. It's the only thing I ever order.

        1. re: Tapas52

          I must be the odd person out but I have been totally underwhelmed by White House. Went there twice about two or three years ago. Once for the hoagie -- huge, overstuffed with tasteless coldcuts. They do not use the kind of excellent cold cuts I want, and they were sliced thicker than I would like to see on a sub. The subs from Cacias in Hammonton are soo much better and Sarcones in South Philly is my standard for an Italian sub. Both bake their own rolls. Second time went for the cheese steak. Again, huge but no flavor. I kept pouring on S&P and ketchup trying to get it to taste like something. Also, they use chopped peppers, which I don't like. I prefer the sliced yellow rings, but that's just preference. Yes the rolls are good but they are in many places in NJ/Philly. Haven't been back since. I'd recommend Stewarts of Kearney Fish and Chips in Point pleasant Beach. Some of the best fish and chips you'll find on this side of the pond. Or Mama Mia in Seaville for very good antipasto and pizza at reasonable prices.

      2. Glad to inspire!! :)

        I will second White House Subs.

        I also heard about a Ben's Extreme BBQ in Forked River. I've never been but I've heard good reviews about this place from friends. They have a website if you google.

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          I've been to Extreme BBQ great Pulled pork sandwiches!

          1. re: Tapas52

            How far is this barbeque restaurant from the ferry?

            1. re: Lewes17266

              FAR - exit 74 on the GSP, so 74 miles from the ferry, give or take a few.

              Honestly, I've been there just once (that in itself speaks loudly, as I only live about 20 minutes away) - the menu was nice, so perhaps I just hit them on a bad day, but everything was dry and the temperatures were uneven - cold beans with warm pork, etc.)

              In other words, I wouldn't make a special trip from the ferry....

        2. Again, whitehouse subs... i might have to go up there tonight...

          The "special" is good too (order a whole and split it if theres 2 people... there may or may not be leftovers however hehe)

          where else... (as i live in cape may county just off of exit 13)...

          OH, theres a cheesesteak place in wildwood, Stadium steaks. however I beleive he is closed this saturday as he's going out of town, but if you're down friday, its exit 4B into wildwood, go straight in to pacific avenue (should be the 4th? light once you get over the bridge and make a left, its got a orange neon bordered window. Tell'em Rob from the firehouse sent you if you go.

          1. There's always Allen's Clam Bar in New Gretna on Route 9 - great fresh seafood, about halfway through your trip. If you're willing to do the AC trip but want something other than subs, you can't go wrong with Little Saigon - BYOB Vietnamese place - extensive menu, great food, but might be a bit crowded as it has few tables.

            1. Allen's Clam Bar is Great!