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Dec 17, 2008 12:30 PM

Best Ricotta Pie?

I'm looking for the best ricotta pie in the NY area - any borough or suburb is ok. I'm talking about the light, fluffy, slightly grainy kind, not the smooth, dense cheesecake kind. I don't care if it's in a small Italian bakery, or on the dessert menu at a fancy pants restaurant - any price point, any location. Any thoughts?

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        The pastiera at Trattoria Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave/Bronx is superb--light and amazingly fragrant. As it should be from this outpost of la cucina Salernitana.

    1. Veniero's. Makes me wanna make out with the baker everytime.

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      1. re: chocolatebirthdaycake

        Villabate has the best Italian Cheescake, moist and creamy with a hint of orange. The ricotta is brought in from sicily and their cannoli's are delicious! Thin and crispy check out the website Cassata Al Forno cakes are amazing as is the BaBa Rum Pastry with yellow custard. This is authentic Italian pastry as you would find in Sicily. I have tried italian bakeries from all over this is the best people travel for miles to come here.

      2. anyone have a recipe for this?