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Looking for NoHo Recommendations

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We're going to see Smokey Joe's Cafe at the El Portal in North Hollywood this Saturday night. I went to a show last year at the El Portal and we ended up eating out of the area. We want to have drinks and dinner, and if possible, walk to the theatre. And I don't want to break the bank. Any suggestions? We're fairly open to kinds of food. Or, is it still better to eat elsewhere?

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  1. Within walking distance you are pretty much limited to the horrendous chains at NoHo Commons, Pitfire Pizza, Salomi Indian food, Vicious Dogs (great hotdogs by the way) and Eclectic Cafe.

    If you are willing to drive, you can get great Thai, Mexican, Lebanese and Sushi - all not too far away.

    1. Of the restaurants that bodie recommends within walking distance, I would go with Eclectic Cafe. I've had three lunches there, the most recent this week. Still want to try it for dinner. They have a large menu, it isn't overly expensive, and the food is decent. My friend had some very good sweet potato fries with his crabcake sandwich. I think it's just beer and wine though, no hard liquor from what I could see.

      1. Theres also great bbq at Kansas City BBQ Company on Magnolia just east of vineland
        and for great lebanese
        go to Skaf's at Oxnard and Laurel

        1. Caioti on Tujunga for interesting pizza and Italian options

          agree with any of the thai's.

          1. a bit further than a walk, but Barasc on Lankershim is very good as is Petit Chateau, also on Lankershim

            1. Thanks all for your recommendations. Last time we were in NoHo we went to Eclectic Cafe. It was okay. Not great. We decided to try something else, and it requires a drive: Spark Woodfire Grill in Studio City. I'll report back on it afterwards.

              1. So, we went to see Smokey Joe's Cafe at the El Portal last Saturday night. Don't miss it. Great entertainment.

                We ate at Spark's Woodfire Grill in Studio City, and drove to the theatre afterwards.

                My review: nice, small, a bit pricey, but good for special occaisions given the prices. We had martinis with Blue Ice (American potato) Vodka. Very nice. We split a wedge salad...plenty for both of us. I had the flat iron steak, wife had the halibut. Nicely cooked/grilled.

                Slight negatives: we were seated in the front, under a vent and it was too cold. We asked to move, and were put in the rear of the restaurant. Not all the tables were busy, and even when we left, the place was only half full. We felt like the forgotten cousins...an afterthought. Also, the valet parked the car right on the street near the restaurant. If the space had been available, I would have parked there and walked. Small quibble, really.

                I would go back. It is a very pleasant place, with good food.

                Oh, and the service: excellent server, Joe. Very attentive, not intrusive, and he's got a sense of humor. Good service; good food. Go! Enjoy!

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                  Have they tamed the sodium monster at Spark Woodfire Grill? I won't go there anymore because (cue the old Brooklyn grandmother accent) awl da food is so SAWL-ty.

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                    My steak was seasoned, but not overly so, not overly salty. And I usually prefer a light hand on the garlic or salt, when it comes to meat. Wife didn't complain about her halibut at all, so I guess it was also okay.

                    Did I say that I will go back there? I will.