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Dec 17, 2008 11:36 AM

The pizza stinks around here!

I moved to fairfield co. and work on occassion in westchester. I was sure I'd find some good pizza joints locally but I'm coming up light. I find myself gravitating to Pepe's mostly in fairfield even though I'm not blow away. Sometimes I get a scorched pizza and i'm not crazy about the random slicing of the pie by the teenagers. But, I keep going back. I guess there is something attractive about being told to stand outside in the rain and wait like a putz.

I tried that racanelli place in rye and it was decent. nice place but the pizza alone isn't the draw.

I'm a huge fan of tarry lodge but it's not your everyday pizza joint. Plus, my wallet twitches when I go there.

I was told to hit Colony in Stamford. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up in stamford, but that made Ellio's frozen pizza look like a champ.

Totonno's in brooklyn is my #1 all-time fav. Haven't been to yonkers yet but based on the posts i read, not sure i want to. their place in the city was a real let down. i was bummed for 2 days.

Johnny's in Mt. Vernon seems to get good reviews. Is it worth the trip? Any other reccos?

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  1. A few other places for you to try....all in Norwalk.

    Fat Cat Pie Co. on Wall St.

    Letizia's Pizza on Rte 7.

    John's Best on New Canaan Ave. (I can not speak for the other locations of Johns Best, just this one

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    1. re: amanda3571

      Thanks for recco. I tried Fat Cat. Although, I wouldn't categorize it as a pizza place. It took a while to figure out it was really a wine place with a unique pizza type menu. Cracker crust. It's good, but I had to reset my expectations. I'll give the other two a shot.

    2. I live up the street from Red Barn Pizza on Central Avenue ( just south of Hartsdale Four Corners), which is a recent addition to the scene -- opened a little over a year a go I think. I count myself lucky to be so close. They make divine pizzas with very, very fresh ingredients -- and can often make a whole wheat pizza that I am crazy about.

      It's take-out now, but they hope to add tables soon. Sometimes DH and I go on a night when we are exhausted, perch on the only two stools in the place, and dive into a pizza and caesar salad right there.

      1. Among the many things you'll need to put behind you in moving to the burbs is the expectation of great pizza. It just doesn't exist in Fairfield County.

        There is some ok pizza. I'd point you to Remo's on Bedford, which aspires to Brooklyn style but misses by a ways. It's much better eating in than taking out.

        Other than that, for a great pie go to Brooklyn or learn to make it yourself (it's a lot easier than it sounds).

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        1. re: cteats

          I guess I traded in great pizza for two kids and the burbs. Wish I knew that going into that deal. :) Just kidding.

          1. re: da4141

            Wait until you find out you can't buy beer on Sunday.

            1. re: cteats

              Hahaha, you can over the border in Westchester county. No worries.

              1. re: momof3

                Wine can be purchased (after 12:00pm), but beer can't? I didn't know that. That makes no sense.

                1. re: dolores

                  Liquor stores are closed in Connecticut on can't buy either!

                  1. re: sibeats

                    I didn't realize, thanks sibeats.

                    1. re: dolores

                      It is sad and archaic, maybe one day it will change!

        2. Johnny's is very controversial, as you will see if you search the boards here. I like it, but others have had negative service/attitude issues, which I've never experienced. It's a very simple pie in the Neapolitan style, which I like, but it doesn't travel. Another controversial pizzeria is Sals on Mamaroneck avenue in Mamaroneck. When I am in the area -- which is not too often -- I really enjoy a slice there. It is what I would term "pizzeria" pizza. My son adores their Sicilian above all others.

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          1. re: roxlet

            da4141, you have a point. I haven't been to Pepe's in Fairfield, but I still haven't found a pie in Westchester to match theirs in New Haven.

            I tried Sal's twice recently, after getting their Sicilian for years, and they had downsized. They can keep their new and improved slice.

            I went once to Johnny's and wouldn't go back. Waiting on line to be squished at a table for a fairly good pizza wasn't worth it to me.

            Totonno's, Francesco's, Mamma Francesca, Portofino, Frank's, they're all good, but they're not great.

            Racanelli had a good Neapolitan pie and Tarry Lodge's clam pizza was very, very good.

            You're spot on, the pizza around here does stink.

          2. You were doing well with your review of Pepe's in fairfield, but jfood needed to walk around the couch a few times with the Colony comment. But to each their own and welcome to the FFD area.

            Jfood's recos for pizza in the area:

            1 - Aforementioned Colony. Please give it another chance. Jfood cannot fathom the comparison with Ellios. :-((
            2 - Letizia - polar opposite of Colony, very messy pie but very good
            3 - Fat Cat - cracker crust. jfood likes a lot as well
            4 - Strada 18 in SONO - good for lunch and very hard at dinner as they do not take resos
            5 - In New Canaan, jfood really likes the bacon and tomato pie at Joe's Pizza behind the firehouse. Reminds jfood of the same bacon that Sally's uses in new haven.
            6 - Here's an outlier - The pizza at Match in SONO is also very good. Jfood enjoys the pizza better than any of the entrees.

            Welcome to FFD and keep posting.

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            1. re: jfood

              da4141, i feel your pain. you've been to the mountain top of pizza at totonno's in brooklyn and all other pies will pale in comparison. i spent much time at totonno's while jerry pero was still alive and slinging the pies. when i moved to westchester i realized that i might have to check my pizza cravings at the county line. that said, here are a few that go down easy:

              Sabatino's (downstairs) on 9A, across from the Hawthorne movie theater. fresh muzz, and they have an oven that i believe is burning coal.

              Johnny's on E. Lincoln in Mt. Vernon. can be crowded, but they seem to take some pride in the pie. not your run of the mill pizza - i haven't been there in quite some time, but recall it favorably.

              sal's in Mamaroneck. the sicilian reminds me of the joint that was under the kings highway station in brooklyn. not bad.

              all' antica on depot place in scarsdale. interesting toppings, pretty tasty for a standard oven.

              not in westchester, but not too far south is zero otto nove on arthur avenue in the bronx. and if you don't like this pie, at least you can bring home some of the delicious fresh cheese, pasta and bread available at the great shops in the area. try some of the delicious creamy italian ices for dessert in the pastry shops.

              1. re: gsun

                love the pizza at zero otto nove. Peppinos has locations in Stamford, Somers and the Bronx. I have only had the pizza(sandwiches) from the Somers location and when ordered "well done" is really good. Can't vouche for the other locations. Up here in Northern Westchester, there are some REALLY bad excuses for pizza so this is a nice change.

                1. re: xecuchef

                  Another note of love for zero otto nove. That being said, I love Johnny's and make it a point to travel there at least once a month. You have to stay and eat it there because it does not travel well. It's not totonno's , but it's pretty delicious and worth a try.

                  1. re: xecuchef

                    Is Peppinos good? I am near the one in Somers. Is it thin and crispy crust? that's my gold standard. I don't like Portofino because its just to soggy and big!!

                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                      I think the pizza at Peppinos is very good. Make sure you order it well done. it is pretty thin for regular pizza and crispy enough that you can pick up a slice and the tip doesn't flop down. The crust actually cracks when you fold it in half, if your a folder like me! The sauce is very tasty, doesn't taste like that canned pizza sauce at all and the cheese is really good quality. Try the meatballs, excellent. Since you live up in this area, I will tell you to stay away from Frank and Augies pizza in Jefferson Valley. It has to be the worst, tasteless, soggy pizza I have ever eaten. Let me know what you think of Peppinos