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Dec 17, 2008 11:32 AM

Printing a recipe

I enjoy the Chowhound Web site very much. I have one complaint: Whenever I print out a recipe, it ends up taking TWO pages because the word "CHOW" as well as the category, "Recipes," the name of the recipe and the photograph take up at least HALF of the first printed page. The size of type for ingredients and instructions is fine. I'm probably looking at an easy solution(?) but I don't know it. If there isn't one, could you PLEASE change this? It's unnecessary and a complete waste of paper. Thanks.

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  1. Hi newkiwi,

    You're absolutely right. We've had a number of totally justified complaints about the way our recipes print. We're working on getting them all fixed up.

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    1. re: davina

      RU still working on this? Really would like to be able to get a clean, "print this" alternative to printing the entire email page.

      1. re: davina

        Any ETA for getting this fixed? I've completely stopped using the print function because of it.

        Why not take a page from and provide a "clean text" version on print request - eliminate any photographs.

        1. re: The Jeff Next Door

          Hey TheJeff and Arthurk

          This is Eric of CHOW. Just wanted to let you know that we have finished the new layout for the print function (which is easy on the ink and eyes) and are just awaiting the engineers to make changes.

          You should see the change in the next few weeks.



          1. re: itsapeugeot

            Hi Eric. It's September- & I just printed the pasta salad recipe with tomatoes, feta, basil, etc. This printing problem still exists. We want a recipe to be able to be printed simply, in black & white, on one page, with no extra frou frou! (such as pictures & other unnecessary junk) I chose your print option & the first page was totally a waste. The second page was good, & if I had used my own computer's file to print, & utilized "print preview", I would have only printed the 2nd page. But this is a waste of time & we shouldn't have to do this. Please make a "printable page" option with all your recipes. One page, per recipe, pure & simple! Thanks!

            1. re: lnghrnfn

              The best thing, I've found, is to just highlight the text of the actual recipe and then in the dialogue box for your printer choose 'selection' instead of 'all' or 'pages'.