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Dec 17, 2008 10:56 AM

Dick & Jenny's

My wife and I are going to Dick & Jenny's next week for the first time.
Anything we should definitely order, or know before hand?


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  1. Try to get a table in the "front" room where the bar is. Otherwise, it's like eating in someone's car-port or garage bay. Everything we ate there was good. Can't remember specifics because we went directly to Tipitina's after dinner to see The Radiators and got a wee bit hammered!!! Adam

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    1. re: adamshoe

      Ditto the front room. The only way to "guarantee" you'll be seated there is to arrive about 15 min. prior to opening. Sounds crazy but there is a down spout/drain pipe on the side of the building. If your spot in line is behind it, you probably won't be seated in the front room. We've always had good (never outstanding) meals there.

      1. re: JazzyB

        Thanks for the tip about the front room!

      2. re: adamshoe

        I don't mind the back room at all.

      3. Dang! I just found out they'll be closed on the 23rd. Anybody have suggestions for something similar that'll be open?

        We've been to the usual suspects in the FQ, we were looking for something different.

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            1. re: GreenLakeDave

              Cafe Atchafalaya on Louisiana, near Tchoupitoulas. The food is good and has a similar feel.

            2. They don't take reservations at Dick & Jenny's, but I don't mind waiting because there is a good little neighborhood bar (45 Tchoup) right next door.

              Pascal's Manale isn't too far away up Napolean. Not too similar, but good and in the neighborhood.

              1. they put out a new menu a couple weeks ago and everything I tried was excellent. Charcuterie plate, savory cheesecake app, a soup with brie in it, lamb shank...all wonderful.