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Truffles in boxes for just two?

I am making my own xmas crackers this year and instead of filling them with crappy toys and crowns, I wanted to have a little box with 2 truffles in it. I therefore need a chocolatier that has small enough boxes that only two chocolates fit in ( if the boxes are for four I wont be able to make a cracker around it). I would like to get them from Soma, but does anyone know if they do boxes of two? If not, any other suggestions (have already tried Godiva, the smallest they will do is 8).

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  1. When I bought chocolates there in the summer, Xococava had boxes for only 2 truffles.

    1. That place in the Exchange Tower (First Canadian Place maybe) does that and you can pick the two truffles...

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      1. A friend makes truffles to order - and offers 2 to a box. See http://www.sweettempered.ca/truffles....

        1. You can buy these boxes from Creative Bag, which is on Steeprock, just west of the Allen (or I think it's Dufferin up there). It's the most amazing store full of every conceivable wrapping/boxing/gifting accoutrements.

          So you could buy the boxes there and fill them with whatever chocolates you want.

          1. I have seen these at Bernard Callebaut -- 2 delicious truffles in a glossy copper-coloured box. However, I don't see them listed on their website, so it might be worth a phone call first. They only have stores in Oakville and London now.

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              I would call STUBBE on Dupont at Christie.....seems to me that I received a box of two only as part of a Christmas present.

            2. Adam & Eve at Church and Maitland.

              1. Teuscher in the Manulife Centre- adjacent to William Ashley.
                They have 1 and 2 truffle boxes. The champagne truffles are the best IMHO- and add a touch of luxury- the green teuscher truffle box is the Tiffany blue box of chocolate.

                1. Senses at Yonge and Queen (not sure about the location in the Soho?). Their chocolates aren't the best but they are cute and come in a box of two truffles of your choice

                  1. Soma in the distillery does them in small amounts as well. Expensive but SO good!

                    1. thank you everyone! I'll report back!

                      1. I'm surprised about Godiva. I used to work there and they used to let you do custom boxes with either 2 or 4 pieces of chocolate (truffles or anything else) and even tie it up with a ribbon! How things change...


                        1. I ended up wandering into the new bakery on Queen E at Broadview, LPK's Culinary Groove. I completely fell in love with everything in the store, and even though the truffles were very expensive (2.25$ each), I figured I'd spend about the same at Soma. The staff were very helpful, and offered to assemble the truffles in a pack of two for us and have them ready to be picked up on Xmas eve. Everything looked, and sounded amazing, but I ended up choosing some type of milk chocolate cherry truffle, and a white chocolate orange caramel truffle. They also have a lot of samples of their cookies and cakes so I sampled their pumpkin spice cake (delicious!!). I am just surprised I havent heard talk of the place yet on this board. If anyone has some last minute shopping to do, they have some beautiful cookies that would make perfect gifts. I'll keep everyone posted on how they taste.