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cozy pub recommendations in central ct?

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Hi! I'm unfamiliar with the area around W. Hartford (willing to travel to any of the surrounding towns as well) and hoping for a recommendation to a gastropub type environment for a pre-holiday lunch. A place with atmosphere (fireplace, cozy) as well as a nice pub menu is what we are looking for. Thanks so much!

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  1. No fireplace but Corner Pug has good food and is as close as I can come to your request. http://www.cornerpug.com/ordereze/Def...

    Hartford Road Cafe in Manchester does have a fireplace http://www.hartfordroadcafe.com/

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      Great suggestions and I have one to add:
      How about J. Timothy's in Plainville (west of West Harford on I-84, about 10-15 minutes away). They have a great menu, great beer and several fireplaces. I actually just reviewed it from an awesome Birthday lunch I celebrated there on Saturday.
      and here's their site : http://www.jtimothys.com/index.php

      In a pinch, Corner Pug is great and IN West Hartford but J. Timothys meets your few requirements too.

      I also dig Hartford Road Cafe. It's cozy and about 15 minutes or so East of West Hartford on I-84.
      Brookerme gives solid recs so you can't go wrong either way.

    2. One of our favorite places is the Crown and Hammer in Collinsville. It's very cozy and has a great vibe. Here is the link: