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Best steak to order at Mastro's (BH)?

I'm going to Mastro's for dinner tonight, and I see a lot of posts about the bone-in on here, but also some about the filet mignon and porterhouse. I've never been to Mastro's before and would love some recommendations about their best cut. (Will be dining with another person, and we can share if the best cut is sized for two.) Many thanks. (PS. After all the raves, I'll be having some oysters to start!)

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  1. The bone-in ribeye, easily. The shrimp starter is also great.

    1. The "Chef's Cut" ribeye chop. It's massive and delicious. I don't bother with the sides at Mastro's or most other steakhouses of this caliber, I think they are a distraction from the main event

      1. Bone. In. Ribeye. No other option. Always the best, most flavorful steak. Filet is too lean for any serious beef eater. Well marbled ribeye is the king of steak.

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          Thank you all, I will be dining on ribeye tonight! Appreciate the feedback.

        2. If you have someone to share with, go for the doublecut Porterhouse. Bone-in filet on one side and NY on the other...awesomely good.

          1. I would second the double cut porterhouse. My husband always likes to go to Mastros for his birthday and we always order the double cut porterhouse. it is the best of both worlds.

            1. Thanks to those of you who replied, it was a big help. I'm reporting back on my dinner, which was AMAZING. First, the bread is fantastic, worth filling up a little on. I started with the oysters - they were good, I had expected fantastic based on what I'd read and I didn't think that was true, but they were very nice. The horseradish sauce really added to them, which was a new oyster experience for me. My boyfriend had the shrimp cocktail which was excellent. We shared the bone-in ribeye and the porterhouse. Next time, I would have one person get the bone-in ribeye and one the bone-in filet. The ribeye was unbelievable, fabulous flavor, blew my mind. The strip side of the porterhouse would have been excellent in any other setting, but I thought paled in comparison to the flavor of the ribeye and the tenderness of the filet. I was worried the filet part would be dull after the flavor of the ribeye, but it was amazing, the best filet I've ever tasted, so buttery and delicious. We ordered both medium rare +. For sides, we had the lobster mashed potatoes, which were fantastic, but probably only worth the exhorbitant price tag one time. My boyfriend wanted the mushroom side, it was good for what it was, not really my thing though. The service was impeccable, and they must have overheard us saying it was our anniversary b/c we didn't tell them, but at the end they brought out a chocolate cake dessert with writing that said "Happy Anniversary - Two Years." We were impressed. All in all, a great experience, I can still taste the steak four days later! Mmmmm.

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                Do you mind sharing what the cost of the lobster mashed potatoes was? I'm heading to Mastro's on Christmas Eve, and I'm curious whether I can afford it or not, heh.

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                  I believe it was $32 or $34. It's delicious and probably has half a lobster in it, but still, that's quite a price! We were celebrating and so decided to splurge....

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                    I feel like for any everyday joe the lobster mash is overkill. I mean it is good, but by no means $34 good, it just becomes the law of diminishing returns. I would say pass on it if money is even remotely an issue, you might be a little disappointed.

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                      I actually prefer the lobster mash at Asia de Cuba over Mastro's. Less lobster but better flavor and much lower price tag. I love the mac and cheese at Mastro's though - so good!