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Dec 17, 2008 10:36 AM

Best steak to order at Mastro's (BH)?

I'm going to Mastro's for dinner tonight, and I see a lot of posts about the bone-in on here, but also some about the filet mignon and porterhouse. I've never been to Mastro's before and would love some recommendations about their best cut. (Will be dining with another person, and we can share if the best cut is sized for two.) Many thanks. (PS. After all the raves, I'll be having some oysters to start!)

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  1. The bone-in ribeye, easily. The shrimp starter is also great.

    1. The "Chef's Cut" ribeye chop. It's massive and delicious. I don't bother with the sides at Mastro's or most other steakhouses of this caliber, I think they are a distraction from the main event

      1. Bone. In. Ribeye. No other option. Always the best, most flavorful steak. Filet is too lean for any serious beef eater. Well marbled ribeye is the king of steak.

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          Thank you all, I will be dining on ribeye tonight! Appreciate the feedback.

        2. If you have someone to share with, go for the doublecut Porterhouse. Bone-in filet on one side and NY on the other...awesomely good.

          1. I would second the double cut porterhouse. My husband always likes to go to Mastros for his birthday and we always order the double cut porterhouse. it is the best of both worlds.