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Munchies for work Xmas party?

Criteria: must be good served cold; easily transportable (I'm taking the T here in Boston); ideally savory rather than sweet; no utensils; not to expensive or complicated to make.

The best idea I've come up with yet is deviled eggs, but this fails a bit on the transportable front (although I suppose I could assemble them at the office.)


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  1. How about breadsticks wrapped with prosciutto?

    1. Things I have brought for our parties:
      Pasta Salad (I transported it in large ziploc bags)
      Sesame Noodles/Peanut Noodles (mixed with dressing before serving)
      Soda Bread
      Homemade Flavored Popcorn

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        we did a few cold services at our party this weekend...

        bought pastry shells or siljians filled with goat cheese & fit jam
        skewers of tomato & basil wrapped boccocini
        salami crisps with sour cream & basil
        mini cottage cheese pancakes with creme freshe & smoked salmon (may not fall into the inexpensive catergory)
        proscuitto wrapped asparagus (spread boursin cheese on the procuitto b4 wrapping)
        parmesan, walnut & rosemary shortbread
        bruschetta, tempanade (purchased) & crostini

      2. For our Thanksgiving potluck, I made a Pumpkin and Goat Cheese dip that went over extremely well, and was incredibly easy to make...

        I got the recipe from Cooling Light http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/rec...

        Because I was in a rush, I substituted a can of pumpkin puree for the butternut squash and increased the goat cheese proportionately. I also added a little sugar, since the pumpkin puree wasn't as sweet as roasted squash normally is. It only took me about 5 minutes to mix by hand once the garlic was roasted, and I served it cold with a sliced baguette

        1. I say get a baguette (or two), some goat cheese, olive oil, and prosciutto (thinly sliced). Slice the baguette into 1/2in to and inch slices, brush each slice on one side with the olive oil, place under the broiler oiled side up until toasted a nice deep gold. Spread goat cheese on each piece (it's helpful to let it get to room-ish temperature). I like to then put a healthy pinch of coarsely crushed black pepper on each piece (I'm a black pepper fanatic, though). Take your slices of prosciutto and either tear or cut it into roughly baguette-size pieces and place on the top of each. Cheers!

          1. This time of year my local groceries carry bulk pistachios in the shell. I think they were under $4/pound, so for $20 you could get a generous amount. Put in a medium size bowl with a smaller one tucked in for the shells, then just keep refilling and emptying the shell bowl.

            You could also do peanuts in the shell, if you can't find reasonably priced pistachios.

            1. Make them slightly more exotic - Scotch eggs. Hard boil those eggs. Wheile that's going on take ground pork and season it with white pepper and mace or nutmeg. Sheel the cooled eggs and cover each one with a layer of "sausage". Then bake them until the meat is crusty and nice...

              1. Make the night before: Get a long french loaf, slit open lengthwise, hollow out leaving about 1/4" rim. Fill with a dressed, chopped Greek salad. Put the sides of the loaf back together, wrap all tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. To serve, unwrap from plastic wrap and slice into about 1" thick slices.

                1. How about tortilla roll ups? I rolled cream cheese/onion type filling in tortillas (Paula Deen recipe). This can be made in advance, wrapped in plastic wrap and sliced at the last minute. No utensils needed and delicious. I get tons of compliments every time I make them. You could roll other types of fillings in tortillas as well.

                  Bruschetta. Make the filling and keep in a tupperware in advance. Toast bread slices keep in plastic bag. Either leaver spoon for self assembly at the party or spoon on at the last minute.

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                    Yup, I was going to suggest "pinwheels"...I love the Hidden Valley Ranch recipe at their website but there are so many tasty pinwheel recipes out there...VERY easy to roll up the filled tortillas the night before, put in fridge, then bring to your party site, and slice those suckers down and serve!

                  2. JungMann had a very similar challenge, transporting munchies to a party he was catering. Many CH'ers chimed in with very good suggestions that might be helpful to you... check it out at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/573214 . Enjoy your party!

                    1. I just made a really different thing last night- Crab Citrus Salsa in Phyllo Cups (no cooking). Just make the salsa, bring to work with those phyllo cups, fill just before party. I can't find the recipe I used but it was basically diced pepper, red onion, tomato, cilantro, lil orange juice and lime juice - fold in lump crab, salt and pepper (I like zip so cayenne) and I like a little sweet (diced apple or crushed pineapple). Bring this mix to work, fill the cups.

                      they were really tasty and fresh and light. I'm thinking avacado next time, maybe even diced shrimp or lobster.

                      1. colorful raw veggies cut in sticks (carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumber) and florets (broccoli and cauliflower) tossed together in a basket and served with a bowl of dill dip. cold, inexpensive, easy, and easily transported. and delish.

                        1. Homemade cheese straws are lovely and very easy using bought puff pastry. You could also make mini sausage rolls using puff pastry (I think these are similar to what you would call pigs in blankets). Another option is palmiers.




                          1. I have made a mango chutney cream/ cheese spread for crackers a couple of times this month to take to parties and people love it! Fast and easy as it gets, and really good. Just mix cream cheese, a bit of mayo to loosen it, quite a bit of mango chutney and a bit of curry powder. Chopped cilantro if you wish. Serve with crackers. Don't forget to take something to spread with. Nobody can figure out what's in it, because, of course, there are lots of things in it...but it's all in the chutney. Try it.

                            1. Get a block or two of cream cheese and pour a good jar of pepper jelly over the top so it drips all the way down the sides. Add some nice crackers. It's so easy and so good.

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                                I do love this too, it's fantastic and festive looking

                              2. Gougeres! You can make them the day ahead and they are typically served at room temperature. Easy to transport - no worries about keeping them cold, no worries about keeping them separate from one another or level as you carry them with you on the T, and they are addictive. Here's a couple threads on gougeres that ought to get you started:


                                1. I second the tortilla pinwheels or the cheese straws but also try spiced nuts. No transport / temp issues.

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                                    Spiced nuts!!! Easy to make and there are a zillion great recipes out there for them! Great idea also! Mostly, all you need are the nuts, corn syrup and some spices.

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                                      Funny, I was thinking of spiced nuts, too. In Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" I found a recipe for Roasted Cashews with Garam Masala. I figured it was a good way to get rid of some aging ingredients from my cupboards, so I tried it, using the recommended substitute of pecans instead of cashews. It was delicious.

                                      Garam masala, by the way, if you don't know, is a blend of spices, like curry, which apparently can vary almost as much as curry can. I happen to be lucky enough to live a half-block from an Indian food store, but there are various recipes available. (I guess it would fall out of your "simple" requirement if you have to blend the spices yourself.) I understand that garam masala is used very sparingly in Indian dishes, basically to finish them off, which I suppose is why I still have so much left. But I'm not complaining. It's wonderful to just pull out the tin and sniff it. :-)

                                  2. I'm making arancini and a tomato type sauce for dipping.

                                    1. Spicy Chex Mix! Add a lot of red pepper, extra cashews and peanuts, Kix and Cheerios, potatoe sticks and Bugles. Double the amount of Worcestershire. A sure hit!

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                                        OMG! That's the best answer yet, Fried. I can just see Pamlet on the MTA with a huge garbage bag full of this stuff and everyone following her, and the aroma, to her office like lemmings! Do they still make Bugles? That is pure junk, but my mouth is watering as I'm imagining licking my fingers of the salty, extra Worcestershire crumbs... Oh, wait, the Cheerios cancel out the Bugles. This recipe will haunt me until I make it. You're very bad.

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                                          The worst part is I have to store the excess in the freezer because of the high butter content! That is, IF there are any leftovers!

                                      2. If you have access to a microwave, slightly melted brie and a sliced baguette is always nice.

                                        Choice of toppings that are heatede along with it:

                                        1. Honey and Garlic
                                        2. Crumbled cooked bacon and chutney
                                        3. Brown sugar and Kahlua

                                        or make all three