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Dec 17, 2008 10:21 AM

Bon Savor in JP!

Although Bon Savor has been around for three years, I went for dinner here last night for the very first time. I had the Peruvian Seafood Pasta and my dining companion had the Port Chicken with grapes. We also shared a basket of bread (made in-house), a salad and, for dessert, strawberry crepes -- all very good. We had the most wonderful meal! Everything was prepared beautifully, the portions were large, the service efficient and friendly, the atmosphere very serene and pretty. I know Bon Savor does not get the attention that, say, Ten Tables in JP gets, but I want to put in a good word for this wonderful little restaurant. My friend and I already plan to go back. By the way, another friend, who lived in Paris for a few years, told me she had had breakfast at Bon Savor one morning and the croissants were some of the best she's had stateside.

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  1. I've mentioned this little gem a couple of times on this board. It's worth repeating that they now offer three veggie and vegan appetizers and three entres. It has become our go-to place in JP. I like that they take reservations.

    Check it out:

    1. I just had a wonderful dinner at Bon Savor this past weekend. I started with the Rainbow Soup- which was very tasty, it will definitely be perfect in the spring. My DC had the provencal tart and I definitely stole it. He liked, but did not love, the dish while i thought it was fantastic. We then shared the veggie crepe and the peruvian seafood pasta. I LOVED the sauce on the veggie crepe (I asked for extra when taking home my left overs, which the waitress happily gave me) and the red chili linguini used in the pasta dish was also amazing. The service was great and the place definitely has a 'at home' type of atmosphere-- I can't wait to try out their brunch.

      1. I'm genuinely glad to see this place is doing well, because it was close to a disaster for about the first year that it was open. An initial visit included an awkward breakfast where my eggs benedict came out with ice cold hollandaise and the chef and manager were having a very noticeable altercation. A subsequent visit for lunch had decent food but a server that was herself out to lunch. It was frustrating because there was so much potential back then and I'm very pleased to see that they seem to have realized it.