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Dec 17, 2008 10:08 AM

Van Dntn: NYE early dinner sushi/izakaya nr Robson/Burrard?

Greetings Vancouver hounds:

We will be visiting for just a few days over NYE and need to find a good sushi or izakaya place for an EARLY dinner on NYE (in by 6pm, out by 8pm). It should be central downtown. It would be good to have a nice atmosphere too.

So far, we're considering Okada and Guu based on reviews and location only. Would these be appropriate? Any other recommendations are welcome! Many thanks in advance...

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  1. HI asc339:

    I have not eaten at the places you mentioned, but not far from Robson/Burrard (say aprox. a 5 minute cab ride from there) is Yoshi's Sushi <> which is excellent. For an izakaya/sushi place walking distance from Robson/Burrard, try Aki Japanese Restaurant <> - the sushi is not at the level of Yoshi's, but it and the izakaya fare are very good. I any case, have fun and Happy New Years!

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    1. re: snoleprd

      Aki - I'm thinking of going with a veggie friend.. would there be anything good there for him? To him, Japanese food is raw fish and udons and ramen. Would Aki break his belief of Japanese fare?

      1. re: jennjen18

        Aki is very good...but for a veggie friend, I think Gyoza King, Hapa and Kingyo (and perhaps Guu with Garlic) are better choices. Hapa's Kabocha Salad (which is really more like a scoop of warm squash icecream) is really good. You can always ask for veggie items off-menu at Hapa and Kingyo. Gyoza King has many vege options.

        1. re: fmed

          Thanks, those are good suggestions... I can see their menus, and they do offer some veggie options. Yeah, we normally just ask for a veggie option in any type of restaurant and see whether they provide it, whether it be at a lesser cost or not. Sucks if it doesnt, but what do you do? Kingyo though, seems very meaty. Anyway, my question - Guu, there seems to be more than one location? Which one is best?

          1. re: jennjen18

            Guu with Garlic and Guu (Original) are my favourite spots (and are within walking distance of each other so you can try both).