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Enquring minds want to know:

Where can one get great panettone (light, not too dry or too sweet)?
Are there any Italian bakeries in Toronto that make them on-site?
If not, which brands sold at big-chain supermarkets (or elsewhere) are best?

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. I'm not too sure which bakeries make their own, but I know that Soma Chocolate made a delicious one last year. It may not have been as light as you want but it was great. As for the brands sold in stores, my favourites are Bauli (for Pandoro) and Tre Marie (for panettone), although I am not sure whether you would find them too sweet. Seafood Depot has them, (a few years ago they had these cute, individual Bauli's that were great for Xmas baskets and stocking stuffer), but apparently, Longo's has better prices on the Panettone.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Get thee to College Street. Little Italy to be precise. You'll find them at Riviera Bakery and Centro Formaggio.

      1. You don't need fresh baked. Panettone is all about getting the box from Italy. Fiesta Farms at Cristie south of Dupont has the best selection I've ever seen. And good prices to boot! I reccommend Bauli brand. It comes with a packet of icing sugar, so it's fun to sprinkle your own!

        1. I like the Bauli panettone. Lady York and La Salumeria always have good selections.
          Would expect Highland Farms to also have a good selection.

          1. If buying in a grocery store, look at the ingredients, and make sure it's made with butter, not some trans-fat goop.

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              Foodie tip - Makes the best French toast ever!

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                French toast? Great idea!
                I just found one by Giada di Laurentiis that looks amazing.

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                  That's exactly what we're planning to have for breakfast on Christmas morning!

              2. Thanks, everybody! You've been most helpful. Mind if I ask one more question?

                How would you define a "good" panettone? For example, what makes Bauli panettones superior to other brands?

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                  Bauli is very soft and moist.
                  I tried "Gioia" and it was dry.

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                    Just went to Maselli's and Loblaws at Leslie. Both had many brands but no Bauli. I was hoping I could find Bauli in the east end but it looks like I'll have to make my way to Little Italy.

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                      You might be able to find Bauli at an Italian bakery like North Pole (1210 Danforth near Greenwood - 416-466-6435 -I'd call to check) in the East end.

                      I bought one at Longo's at Leslie & York Mills about a month ago, and there's always a good selection at La Salumeria (Yonge north of Davisville)- so you might not have to head all the way east to Little Italy.

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                        Sobeys on Mount Pleasant and Eglinton has two types of Bauli: a big one and a smaller one. You can first try the small one.

                  2. Happy New Year!

                    Just thought I'd let you know that I managed to buy both the Tre Marie panettone (from Loblaws)and Bauli pandoro (from Sobeys) and they were delicious! I also had the chance to try other brands served at several parties I attended and they were indeed much drier than the ones I bought.

                    Thanks again!