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Dec 17, 2008 09:43 AM

Yardley, Newtown area ...where to find Everclear 151?

I'm making digestifs that I found on Chow.......but can't find Everclear 151 anywhere. Everybody carries 180 proof, but nobody has even heard of 151.
Does anybody have a source in Bucks County or Mercer County, NJ?

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  1. I do not think you can buy Everclear in PA anymore. 95N, exit for 31N into'll hit a wine/spirits at the first circle near Lawrenceville. sorry, cant think of the exit off hand..(maybe 3?) Anyway, cant miss it... Post how the digestif turns out...I'm doing a lemonjust now... (with vodka..too lazy to drive to NJ)....

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    1. re: GBak504

      That's Circle Liquors...called them and they've never heard of 151 either. Tried Joe good......!!!
      I'm striking out all over the place here!!! Everybody has the normal Everclear though!!Thanks for the reply though.

      1. re: JNUNZMAN

        Did you try Roger Wilco in Pennsauken? I worked there in the 90's when I was in high school and I know they carried it then.

        1. re: mitchh

          just called.......don't carry..Thanks though!!!!

      2. re: GBak504

        buy the 180 and dilute it with a little pure water, should give you the desired proof and won't effect the final product.

        1. re: lancastermike

          GREAT IDEA!!! I was just wondering about that myself. Thanks

      3. I have bought it at Welsh's in Lambertville NJ.

        1. I called Welsh's in Lambertville 609-397-0273 and they have it.

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            I called too........every liquor store says that "Everclear is Everclear" and don't know that there is actually a 151 AND 190 proof and don't check. They did the same and when they looked at the bottle, it was 190. Thanks for helping though. Someone suggested to just add pure water to adjust the proof. Makes sense, I guess.

          2. Why don't you just phone the manufacturer and ask where you can buy it. If it's not available locally, then go the dilution route.


            1. It's illegal in PA. You can buy it in NJ though.