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Dec 17, 2008 09:30 AM

WHISKEY CREEK, Mammoth Lakes (review)

With two dinners, a lunch & b'fast planned while at Mammoth, Whiskey Creek was one of our stops. It was recommended by a colleague who said it was one of the more popular places with solid food. While we were looking for Whiskey Creek, the two townsfolk we asked both turned us to Nevados instead (, saying it was the best restaurant in town. We encountered these folks in different locations and at different times, so we decided on Nevados, but I was disappointed that we would have to miss Whiskey Creek.

However, our planned and prepaid dinner at Parallax for the second night was cancelled last minute by them (with really no explanation, except that dinners would begin the following weekend). So this unfortunate event allowed us to dine @ Whiskey Creek after all.

Whiskey Creek has a full-service restaurant downstairs with an upstairs bar that also serves food. Since the downstairs was empty (it was a Sunday night), we opted for a lively dinner upstairs. It's a perfect spot for apres-ski beer & food, with a handful of tvs, some dj'd music a comfortable atmosphere, and window seats overlooking Minaret Road. The menu wasn't overbearing; just the right size with enough options to meet most everyone's needs. The most pricey entree was in the low $20s; the apps ranging from $6-12; and sandwiches and other lighter fare in the $10-15 range. Mr OCAnn and I shared a sampler plate of a crabcake (1 piece), coconut prawns (4), sashimi (5) and seaweed/kelp salad. The crabcake was delicious as were the prawns and the kelp salad; the sashimi was probably better left alone. If we could do this all over again, my tastes would run gleefully to the crabcake (tasty, warm w/lots of crab) & the salad (flavourful & occasionally crunchy) again & again.

For our mains, we had steak & beer batter fish tacos. Oh, the fish tacos hit the spot; it's notches better than Wahoo's (which I like). The batter was fried nicely; it wasn't mealy or was hot, perfect and not too heavy. There were three fish tacos on flour tortillas with a small side of guacamole & a tasty mayo/sour cream dressing. Mr OCAnn's steak & mashed potatoes were good, but I was so enthralled with the tacos, the bite of steak was enough to quell my curiosity.

To tidy up our meal, we had their "decadent" chocolate cake. IIRC, all their desserts are made on premises. It was a good cake, but the coffee I had to wash it down needed water to wash IT down. Otherwise, this was a great, solid casual dinner.

All-told, our bill was $80ish, pre-tip (app sampler, fish tacos, steak, a couple beers & dessert).

Looking back, while Nevados is more expensive ($10 more/dish on mains), both Nevados & Whiskey Creek serve good, solid food. Since we didn't sit in the main restaurant of Whiskey Creek, I can't comment on their full menu, but if dining in the bar was any indication, we're likely to return to Whiskey Creek....

24 Lake Mary Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

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  1. Thanks for your report. I thought that the upstairs was technically Mammoth Brewing also owned by the Whiskey Creek group? I actually found it rather confusing since we were looking for Mammoth Brewing and didn't see any clear signage outside of the building to indicate it was the restaurant upstairs. I only realized this after asking some people in the parking lot. Were there pool tables where you ate?

    We sat in a high booth along the windowsill upstairs. My MIL had the fish tacos, and we all agreed it was the best dish on the table. My husband got a steak sandwich; the meat was pretty good, but the roll was awful. I got one of their wrap sandwiches (an uncharacteristic order for me) and didn't care for it. My FIL got the fried calamari and I remember it being just ok. My FIL got the beer flight and I remember liking one of the darker beers, but overall I found the beers just ok. My glass of Bonny Doon white was not great, but that's what I get for ordering wine at a brewing co. I'm not compelled to return to the place, but it sounds like seafood is their strong suit.

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      Hmmm...I don't recall the hostess downstairs referring to the upstairs bar area as Mammoth Brewing; she said it was their bar area. But who knows? It might be the same....

      There were no pool tables where we ate; however, a part of the bar area had been cleared for a DJ and a photo show, which could've been where pool tables normally sit....

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