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Dec 17, 2008 09:16 AM

Mirabelle (Yonge/Eglinton)

This was a favourite spot of mine for the past few years, a great little wine bar with an impressive list of consignment labels and some interesting food pairings.

The owner was always friendly and offered up a good explanation on each vintage. Great service, relaxed vibe and ambience.

I was last there in the early fall, and the next time I went by a few weeks later, it had changed names and was a Lebanese style grill place.

Anyone know what happened with Mirabelle?

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  1. The new place may have the same owers, that's what seems to be the case from the message on the website:

    Better get there before sweatersister spends a week there! It won't be cool after that :-)

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      Foody Dudey- I am married, but am in love with you.
      Mirabelle went through a few changes quite quickly- seems to be having an identity criss. Last time I passed, it had MENU BUFFET on the sign outside. eek. I couldn't tell if it meant menu + buffet, or AYCE off the menu, as in everything must go.

    2. I called on Saturday to make a reservation at Mirabelle and when they answered the phone (same number) was very confused. They explained that they had recently reopened with a new name - Dizengoff Grill‎. I asked about the new menu and was told that a lot of the old stuff was left on it. So I made a reservation for dinner that evening.

      When I got there (around 7:45) the place was empty save for one other table. The sign outside says it is a gastro pub, but the new menu was really basic pub fare: fish and chips, steak sandwich, club sandwich, stew etc. Anything I had hoped to eat on the old menu was missing from the new menu. In fact, there was nothing that appealed to me on the new menu. (As an aside, from looking at the old menu [still posted on the Mirabelle site] the only items that I remember appearing on the new menu are the Caesar Salad and Hamburger.)

      I left and was fortunate to get a table at Quince next door - which was great.

      2110 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A5, CA

      Dizengoff Grill
      2112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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      1. re: furhead

        Hi Furhead - thanks for the reply.

        Is the original owner (Dion) still around? It sounded like he might still be involved? I know there was a 2nd owner who came on board, and I'm guessing was the motivation for the change.

        When I went by, it appeared they had pretty much gutted the old place (the bar area was gone).

        Did they still have a wine list? Doesn't sound like it has much to do with Mirabelle anymore, which is a pity, it was a good place to go with friends, or a date.

        1. re: daddyg

          Hey daddyg,
          I actually don't know Dion - I have a friend that had raved about Mirabelle for a long time and I finally was getting around to checking it out. She was also upset to hear about the changes and was going to stop by to see if Dion was still there -- I'll let you know when she does.

          They didn't seem to have a wine list - and I overheard the server telling the other table about some wine they had left over from Mirabelle days that they could order.

          1. re: furhead

            Well, drove by the place this past Wednesday evening, and it appeared closed. I tried calling the number on the sign and it was not in service.

            So, it appears that whatever incarnation Mirabelle has become it might now be closed.