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Dec 17, 2008 09:16 AM

Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

I've been on a pulled pork sandwich kick lately and was wondering if you guys knew any good places? I like the kind with BBQ sauce.

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    1. Que Crawl -- big purple truck at tipitina's
      Probably Boucherie -- same owner/chef as Que Crawl -- on Jeannette

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      1. re: captain food

        OMG the Que Crawl is awesome!!! Good boudin balls, too.

      2. "The name may be off-putting, but it's the real-deal at Squeal Bar-B-Q (8400 Oak Street; New Orleans; 302-7370), Uptown's newest barbecue joint, offering lunch, dinner and late night dining."

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        1. re: edible complex

          Their BBQ is awesome I am so excited to have a really BBq joint in NO

        2. The Joint, on Poland Ave. Definitely. You'll have to add your own bbq sauce.

          1. Walkers BBQ on Haynes (NO East in the lakefront). I know they are open at lunch and they are also the same folks who do the Jazz Fest Cochon DuLait sandwiches. You will not be disappointed.