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Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

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I've been on a pulled pork sandwich kick lately and was wondering if you guys knew any good places? I like the kind with BBQ sauce.

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    1. Que Crawl -- big purple truck at tipitina's
      Probably Boucherie -- same owner/chef as Que Crawl -- on Jeannette

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        OMG the Que Crawl is awesome!!! Good boudin balls, too.

      2. "The name may be off-putting, but it's the real-deal at Squeal Bar-B-Q (8400 Oak Street; New Orleans; 302-7370), Uptown's newest barbecue joint, offering lunch, dinner and late night dining."
        from: http://www.neworleans.com/fork-fuls.html

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          Their BBQ is awesome I am so excited to have a really BBq joint in NO

        2. The Joint, on Poland Ave. Definitely. You'll have to add your own bbq sauce.

          1. Walkers BBQ on Haynes (NO East in the lakefront). I know they are open at lunch and they are also the same folks who do the Jazz Fest Cochon DuLait sandwiches. You will not be disappointed.

            1. Pull My Pork at Freret Market or the Arts Market at Palmer Park has pulled pork sandwiches and their sauce is creole mustard based BBQ sauce. They also have a spicy slaw, if you like slaw on your bbq.