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Dec 17, 2008 08:12 AM

Not to Misses in Dedham

Greetings, I will be staying in Dedham for about a week and wondered if there are any dining experiences that I should not miss. Not looking for expensive restauants, we will have a car so we can also venture out...

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  1. I haven't been to Isabella's (New American) in Dedham Center, but I've heard it's really good. In West Roxbury (borders Dedham to the north) the Himalayan Bistro on Centre Street has excellent Indian/Nepali food. In Roslindale Village (a few miles northeast), there is Geoffrey's Cafe (New American), Sophia's Grotto (Medditerranean), and Village Sushi (Japanese). Hyde Park (just east of Dedham) has Townsend's (gastropub) in Cleary Square. Norwood (borders Dedham on the south) has Taso's (Greek) at the airport, Byblos (Middle Eastern) in the center, and many more places.

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      Isabella's is good and the nicest/priciest in the area altho you could probably make a good meal out of apps. The Halfway Cafe is on Washington St. by the shopping plaza and is fun and super casual. There are a couple good breakfast places right in Dedham Ctr., can't remember the names. There's also the big Asian restaurant that people like but I'm spacing on all these names.

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        I have been to Isabella's and did not like it at all. Both my boyfriend and I were disappointed with their flavor combinations and the quality of the food. Our service was fair to middling, but should have been better in such a small place. I would NOT recommend it.

      1. Debbie, as previously stated, West Roxbury and Roslindale are very close and have many fine restaurants. I recently had an excellent meal at the Masona Grill in West Roxbury and would highly recommend it. In Roslindale Square is Delfino's, an excellent Italian restaurant. The Chinese restaurant in Dedham that is very good Chinese-American with an excellent lunch buffet is called Bamboo (it's attached to the Holiday Inn); unfortunately, the host/owner, Lillie, is kind of a buffet "nazi", hovering over people if they take too much food. Halfway Cafe has very good pub grub. In the Dedham Mall is Five Guys Burgers and Fries, good fast food burgers and very good fries. Isabella in Dedham Square is known for very good, new American.

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          Good suggestions from Bakerboyz. I'd also recommend Ron's Ice Cream in "downtown Dedham for the best ice cream around, and Cafe Fresh Bagels are very good, though the place is nothing to write home about.

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            Isn't Ron's Ice Cream in downtown Hyde Park?

            Agree that the above suggestions are good, but might argue that nothing in Dedham (or immediate environs) is a dining experience that should not be missed. That might be going a little overboard.

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              Ron's is also in Dedham now too.

              Deli After Dark just outside Dedham Square is a cute little place that is a deli by day and then turns into a restaurant at night.

              Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale has the best pizza around, and a fun retro experience.

              Laughing about the Bamboo comment above--totally agree about the hovering!

        2. Chiara Bistro in Westwood is just over the Dedham. Nice food and atmosphere, and their on-line menu is worth checking out.

          Finz in Dedham has some nice local seafood options if that is of interest.

          Chiara Bistro
          Westwood, MA, Westwood, MA

          910 Washington St., Dedham, MA 02026

          1. Always have had good experiences @ Isabella. Bamboo buffet is very good and replenished. 50s diner is a nice, cheap lunch and bagels @ Cafe Bagel are good. Scoot to Norwood where Abbondonza and Joe & Maria's are both good Italian restaurants. Haven't tried re-opened Vintage in W. Roxbury or new Olivado (?) in Norwood. Brickhouse Cafe in Dedham is only ok as is Spring St. Cafe.