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Dec 17, 2008 08:01 AM

New Years Eve Orlando?

This will be my first New Years Eve in Orlando and have been trying to find some local events so I can make plans for New Years early enough, but havent come across much yet.

I do not want to do the Disney/Universal/Sea World thing and Im not really into the bar scene. Im more looking for something like a nice dinner that maybe also has a lounge with music and people mingling? It will just be me and my husband, so just plain ole dinner isnt enough to keep us interested to stay out late. Id love to be out in the midst of other "near-40s" people, mingling, enjoying the evening, etc. Thought about something like Blue Martini, but sometimes too young, too loud and too rowdy, as well as I dont dance. Received an email from Luma but that place is a bit small.

Can anyone offer some recommendations? Has anyone heard any sort of events like this? Thanks!

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  1. I'd check out the Grand Bohemian. Should be a more mature crowd, good food, and nice jazz bar afterwards.

    I've done Manuels for NYE before and while the food was decent, you get a vew of the fireworks and then are left with nothing else.

    1. put Vines Grille and Bar on your list for consideration.

      1. Bumping this b/c I am interested in some ideas as well

        1. You might want to consider the new Circa 1926 on Park Avenue, which I've just reviewed. The food is very good, there is a pianist in the dining room, and there is a South Beachy lounge upstairs that will likely have live music New Year's Eve.


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            Just about everyplace in town has a New Year's Eve dinner. You might consider Journey's, Samba Room, Chef's Table at the Edgewater Hotel, Hannibals on the Square, or Nonna Trattoria ed Enoteca, given what you said you're looking for. And don't discount Luma; it might be a great bet for a festive evening.

          2. Open table has a nice listing for the restaurants that are signed up with them:


            Paris Bistro in WP has their menu posted: