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A friend has graceously loaned me one of her apartments in NDG for a week around Christmas -- it is near Somerled and Madison. I don't know that neighborhood. Any Chowhound advice about delivery, take-out, restaurants and interesting food stores in that area would be appreciated. I realize that is vague but anything of chowhound interest in that area would helpful.

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  1. Le Maître Boucher on Monkland near Harvard is a fine, upscale French boucherie / épicerie fine. Akhavan (6170 Sherbrooke W.) is a great Persian/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean grocery store. The only takeout I do from there these days is sushi from Mikado on Monkland and Indian from Ganges (6079 Sherbrooke W.). There's also Bofinger for barbecue (such as it is).

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      Le Maitre Boucher had the most really yummy things stuffed into a small floor space as any place I can remember. I stocked up on cheeses, a very good duck mousse with morelles and a pretty good smoke salmon rillette; also gourmet crackers and some chocolate coated cookies (really a sort of chocolate crisp with caramel, pecans and almonds) that were a big hit with my friends. I had hoped to explore Monkland Village further but the ice was so bad even a 40 foot walk was a life-threatening adventure. Not an inexpensive place, but lots of well-chosen variety.

    2. Across from Akhavan on Sherbrooke is a Korean store that is good for interesting exotic food, esp. if you like things like Japanese noodles, kim chee, sushi ingredients -- and pocki! They have an extensive frozen section of seafood, dumplings, and even natto. Oh and lots of kinds of miso to choose from.

      O'Bistro and Le Maître on Monkland are decent places for a more upscale meal. Old Orchard for a beer and pub buzz (the food fails to move me however despite its claims to curries but I'm fussy.).

      The SAQ on Somerled is small, but I like their staff the best: they are friendly and put up a lot of staff picks and favourites on the shelves, moreso than the Monkland or St-Jacques SAQs. They are always ready with advice and a good bottle to take home.

      There is a Metro supermarket on Somerled and Prince-of-Wales. It's ok, not fancy but produce is nice. Even saw crates of persimmons there!

      I live in NDG so feel free to ask more questions.

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        <3 Somerled SAQ deep-voiced guy <3

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            I am moving down there tomorrow. I think the first thing I'll do is check out this friendly, close SAQ!

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              This SAQ really is exceptionally friendly. It also has a good range of well-chosed variety for what is really a very small floor space. (Actually most of the small businesses in that area seem to cram a big variety of intems into very small business spaces -- seems to be a NDG speciality!)

              Thanks to everyone for their ideas. In any case this thread may be of some more permanent value for outsiders visiting NDG

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                Glad to know you enjoyed your visit to NDG :-)
                I agree about the killer icy sidewalks: they did limit my desire to go outside for a few days!

      2. More or less across the street from Akhavan is a good Korean grocery, from kim chee to produce to bottled stuff to packaged stuff to frozen stuff.
        There's a couple of Caribbean restos (Ma's place and another across the street) a bit further east.
        I've heard about Cosmo's for breakfast for years (terry dimonte frequently gave the place free talk), but never tried.
        La Luisianne, people love or hate the cajun resto, they sometimes have interesting nightly blackboard specials.
        Pasta Casareccia has had its ups and downs, totes itself as a family style pasta eatery.
        And near Decarie is the epitome of Montreal style BBQ chicken, Chalet BBQ.
        A bit farther east, just across decarie is Villa du Souvlaki, somewhat of an institution and cheap.
        I will stop here because I don't know the difference between NDG and Westmount and might get ridiculed in a very chow manner -{; /)

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          Claremont is the border, more or less. Not that there's much difference between western Westmount and eastern NDG (except the property tax rate...)

        2. Le Georgia is a fabulous restaurant right next to Snowdon Metro. As you can expect it serves food from the former soviet country. I haven't been in over a year but am hoping to go again next week.

          Le Georgia
          5112 boulevard Décarie,
          Montréal, QC H3X 2H9, Canada‎ -
          (514) 482-1881‎

          1. Lots of restaurants and pubs on Monkland St., I am thinking specifically of the Old Orchard Pub, a nice atmosphere in the evenings. I also heard good things of Vino Vin et Terrasse (5674, ave. de Monkland), but I've never been myself. For breakfast, I recommend Cafe Oxford (Sherbrooke corner Oxford) which is the local joint (the typical, a bit greasy, Montreal breakfast), or you can pick up some bagels from St. Viateur bagels on Monkland (5629, ave. Monkland). And if you do like Indian food, you cannot stay in NDG without going to Ganges (6079 Sherbrooke W.) - I think they also deliver.

            1. Just a few blocks west on Somerled, one past Cavendish is Agora, something of a hidden gem. It's Greek, and the big draw it their chicken, which really is irresistible. They don't deliver, but do do take-out.

              Molisana is a very good Italian charcuterie, right across from Agora. Their pizza to go (room temp) is sensational, and they have some of the best fresh pizza dough available, if you want to do your own.

              You can spit and hit the booze store from where you are, so that's always good.

              I wouldn't eat anywhere else on Somerled. I have, but wouldn't again, except for Montrose, which does pretty good trashy Chinese delivery. Stay far away from Mirama, lest you end up eating the dead skin falling off the cook's arm. (seriously, stay away)

              There is a newish Jamaican place in that couple of blocks west of Cavendish, but I have not tried it.

              1. Patisserie de Nancy on Monkland has pretty decent pastries, I'm partial to their abricotines. There's also a decent-sized Provigo on Monkland for groceries. I'll second the recommendation for Monkland Taverne - I've enjoyed all the meals I've had there - although it's not cheap. There's a tea store (Cha Guan?) that opened recently as well, which has a nice selection of Chinese teas.
                Bofinger on Sherbrooke is hit and miss, but when it's good, it's good. Chalet BBQ definitely (and there's also Cote St Luc BBQ, which is a close second).

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                  Hey, Cote St Luc BBQ, just a tidbit; Frank the proprietor cut his chops, as it were, for many years at the Chalet before opening his own joint.

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                    That would be why they're so similar in taste...it explains a lot!

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                      Just an aside about CSL BBQ- I had my son's best friend over on Friday for a play date, and the big treat (they're 5) was ordering BBQ chicken. I ordered from them and it took 1:30 to arrive. It's chicken folks! nothing fancy, and pretty much all you do. I live maybe 10-15 mins. away, there was no storm, and worst of all is the that the people on the other end of the phone couldn't care less. I mean if they cared any less they wouldn't have bothered even answering the phone. For the odd times I will order BBQ- it will be Chalet and Chalet only.

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                        Wow, that's quite unlike them. In person, they're always incredibly friendly. Since you couldn't possibly tell the two places apart in a blind taste-test, we've actually started going to CSL much more often. It doesn't have the funny recroom atmosphere of Chalet, but there are never crowds at peak hours, and it's a tad closer.

                        Still, that sounds pretty bad.

                2. Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the great suggestions you've already received.

                  I heartily second many of the places mentioned, particuarly Molisana, Akhavan, Le Maitre Boucher, B&M's Sherbrooke branch for takeout pizza, Mikado, Cosmos and Ganges.

                  On Monkland I also enjoy Bangkok Express (near Oxford) for Thai and Gryphon d'or (near Royal) for delectable homemade scones w/raspberry jam & shortbread. On Cote-St-Luc (near Grand) there's a RealBagel for your bagel/party sandwich/verenike fix - we prefer them to St.Viateur on Monkland, where we've had poor service. (How you have bad service at a bagel counter is another story...) On Sherbrooke (near Regent) Asean Garden is our staple for more affordable sushi, excellent General Tao, and when we're feeling really piggish, an all-you-can-eat deal.

                  In Eastern NDG, I also second Villa Souvlaki & Chalet BBQ, and would like to add to the list Café Orange (Decarie & NDG Blvd.) for good brunch & lunch, and Mesquite (just south of Café Orange) for southern BBQ specialties.

                  Places I'm iffy on: Bofinger - we've had some really disappointing experiences here with mediocre food and have pretty much crossed it off our list, Oxford Café - I will never go there again if I can help it, too full of the wrong kind of attitude and overhyped food, and Agora - tried it a couple of times and found the food meh-to-just-OK and the service dismissive.

                  Places I still want to try: Anancy, the now not-so-new Jamaican place on Somerled, very close to where you'll be, and Amaranto, a small Mexican place on Monkland (close to Gryphon d'or) that always seems to be closed whenever I pass by.

                  Welcome to the 'hood (albeit temporarily) and let us know what you think if you get to try some of these places!

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                    Right with you on most of that (those that I know, anyway)... but Asean Garden??

                    For the price of Asean's all-you-can eat deal for two people, you can go to Chinatown, fill yourself to bursting with good Chinese food, and have a whole meal's worth of leftovers. (I was going to say you can take taxis both ways and still come out ahead, but maybe that's a stretch unless you're a party of 4.)

                    I felt like a complete sucker after trying this place and especially for falling for the all-you-can-eat "deal". The food was pedestrian at best, hugely disappointing at worst (the dish that allegedly had Szechuan peppercorn in it was a complete joke -- not the slightest hint of the stuff). I absolutely can't imagine trusting sushi out of that kitchen.

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                      Not the all you can eat...the cheap sushi -18 peices for $10. When the kids ask for sushi, that's what we order. Better than lugging three kids and two tired parents to chinatown on a school night :)

                  2. If you like live music, there's Shaika on Sherbrooke, close to Girouard. They have coffee, beer, pizzas and sammiches.


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                      The Anancy Jamaican food place on Somerled is excellent. Not your take out Jamaican food, but your gourmet Jamaican food. The chef was recruited from jamaica. Worth eating at.

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                        What have you had there? I'd like to try it soon. Walked by recently and saw they had a goat curry lunch special that day and my hubby started drooling. ;-) Any good chicken dishes?