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Dec 17, 2008 07:16 AM

SF's Limón opening Fresno location

This is more for the out of towners, not the Fresno crowd that may already know.

A Fresno location of San Francisco's Limón opens next week (Dec 27th), just in time for a post holiday alternative to turkey. Limón typically makes the SF Chronicle's annual Top 100 list.

The Fresno restaurant will be in the RiverPark area on Blackstone.

Joan Obra's column this morning explains the plans, saying that there are family members in the Fresno area. Ana Castillo, the Limón owners' (Martin and Eduardo) sister, already lives here.

Luz Trigoso, Martin and Eduardo Castillo's mother, will run the Fresno location. So the source of the family's recipes will be here.

Additionally Eduardo Castillo will move to Fresno from the Bay Area.

So more of the Bay Area's best recipes will join the Fresno scene. First Chef Liu at Hunan, now the Castillo family.

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  1. It's about time we got some good news - !Si (Li)mon.

    1. That's super, thanks for the word! Various restaurant trends forecasts for the coming year have id'd Peruvian as up and coming. So I'm glad that Fresno is getting one of the top names. It will be interesting to see if the mom leans more traditional in her menu selection. Please do keep us posted on how you like it.

      El Paso St and Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA

      1. I am highly anticipating this restaurant!! My S-n-law from SF says the original restaurant is one of her favorites, and misses its presense due to the fire. Great to hear of such a new and exciting cuisine to be offered in Fresno.

        1. Joan Obra reported in yesterday's "7" section of the Bee that Jose Romani has taken over the Express Grill (SW Shaw & Blackstone) and added Peruvian and Italian dishes to the menu. Peruvian dishes, offered now just on Saturdays, include aji de pollo (saucy potatoes and chicken served with white rice), antichuchos (marinated grilled beef), papas rellenas (fried potato balls stuffed with vegies and beef), and ceviche Peruano (raw seafood salad).

          Joan also noted that the Italian portion will come from his sister's place, Goodfellas, in the Galleria downtown.

          Express Grill
          (559) 227-7007

          1. Today's the opening of Limon-Fresno, unfortunately I can't get there for a few days. :(

            But here is a little trivia in honor of Limon's Fresno opening.

            Martin Castillo of Limon was named a 2003 Rising Star Chef by the San Francisco Chronicle.

            Another 2003 Rising Star Chef was Malachi Harland. Malachi was at XYZ in SF at the time. He later left there to open The Chef's Table in Fresno.

            So 2 of the 6 people on the Chron's 2003 list of up and coming chefs now have places in Fresno.