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Dec 17, 2008 07:14 AM

can you sub coconut butter/oil for butter in cake recipes?

Just curious. Has anyone subbed coconut butter (is it coconut butter or oil? I've heard it used both ways and don't know if they mean the same thing) for butter in a butter cake recipe? I have problems with dairy, butter especially, and was wondering if anyone has actually made a butter cake using this alternative fat.

I usually use Earth Balance in cake recipes when butter is called for and the results are good, but undoubtedly butter would taste better and the texture would be more to my liking. I was wondering if coconut oil/butter is a good way to go.

Thanks for any help or tried and true recipes.

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  1. 2 issues with the substitution...first, depending on the recipe, it can change the texture of the cake quite noticeably - the one made with coconut oil will be more dense, with a heavier crumb. but this will happen with any oil you use in place of the butter - it has to do with differences in fat & water content, and the type/structure of the lipids. second, unless you use purified/deodorized coconut oil, it may very well lend a coconut aroma & flavor to the cake.

    you can do it - there are recipes for vegan butter cakes that call for soy margarine & other dairy substitutes...just realize that you won't end up with the same cake.

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      Thanks, goodhealthgourmet. This is good information and I appreciate it.

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          I would suggest coconut cream. Not creamed coconut or cream of coconut but COCONUT CREAM.

          It's got a similar consistancy to butter.

          You could always do a test to see if it works.


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            Where would I find this? I've never hear of coconut cream but would be willing to try.

            1. re: addicted2cake

              I usually find it in the ethnic section. Right beside the cans of coconut milk.

              Like I said, coconut cream. There is a difference between that and creamed coconut and cream of coconut.


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                I'm going to Whole Foods today. I'll look for coconut cream in the ethnic section as you suggested. I know the store sells coconut milk, so, maybe coconut cream will be on the shelf as well.

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        I'm kinda thinking she'd want some coconut flavour added.


      2. I've never used coconut oil, but I have a suggestion: have you tried chiffon cakes? Popular in the 50s, these are cakes made with oil rather than butter. ( The texture of chiffon cakes is great, and they hold up well in the fridge and over several days.

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          I have made several chiffon cakes and they are very, very good, but a bit labor intensive. I've never tried putting these cakes in the fridge, but if you say they hold up for several days, maybe I'll try again. My family is small, and if I see the cake isn't getting eaten quickly enough, I usually end up tossing it. I'd have to find some room in the fridge to accomodate a tall cake. Thanks for sharing!