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Dec 17, 2008 06:56 AM

Jelly Donuts for Hannukah

I used to get good ones in Chelsea Market but that store doesn't make them anymore. Where else do you suggest for jelly donuts for Hannukah?

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  1. The best jelly donuts I have had in the past 10 years was at the bakery across the street from the medical office I worked at at 799 Morris Park Ave. in the Bronx. They made them every Thursday. Not too sweet fried dough, a little chewy. Coated with granulated, not powdered sugar. Unmistakable freshness. Brought me back to my childhood memory of the CAKE BOX from Union Tpke. and Main St. in Queens. This Bronx landmark has been there since 1921. Enjoy.

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      Conti's Pastry Shoppe
      786 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10462

    2. I was also on the hunt and haven't been too successful, though I noticed Trader Joe's was featuring small frozen raspberry jelly donuts that looked like sufganiyot this week. They had samples on offer and I thought they were pretty good. I didn't check if they were kosher though.

      1. the jelly filled bomboloni at sullivan street bakery are AMAZING! don't get the ones from 'wichcraft though. get them straight from the source.

        i heard that caffe falai also makes really good jelly filled bomboloni, but i haven't tried them. yet. :)

        1. There used to be all sorts of neighborhood bakeries where you could get the old-fashioned granulate-sugar jelly donuts, with the nice dark thick raspberry jelly. But they're gone.

          There's still a bakery in Bensonhurst, I think, near my grandma's nursing home (Holy Family), where you can get these, right by the elevated train station. But I forget the stop.

          And in Babylon, at the old Wilhelm's on Deer Park Avenue in the village, now Torte Fino (or something like that). Fabulous and full of jelly, and they have both kinds, the powdered and the granulated-sugar ones.