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Dec 17, 2008 06:28 AM

Grab and Go Lunch - DT Calgary

When I don't pack my own lunch I like to grab a quick bite and head back to the office to eat. I usually opt for a sandwich from Marcellos or Submission. Good value and choice of toppings and cheeses at Marcellos for $5.25 with a side of pickles, and great bread and friendly service at Submission for $8.

What is your go to 'Grab n Go' lunch spot?

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  1. I like Smokee Lee in the parking lot of 6Ave and 4St SW (across from Knox United church). My favourite there is their reuben. It's a little pricey though.. I think it's about $10. For Vietnamese subs, my favorite is Thi Thi's. They have two locations (one in Chinatown across from Harry Hayes) and one on 8Ave and around 6St SW. I love their chicken sate sub at Thi Thi's. I also like the chicken shawarma at A&A Mediterranean Deli on 6Ave between MacLeod and 1St SE. It's in front of Rocky Mountain Court apt building. The portions at A&A are HUGE. I strongly suggest you order a "small" the first time just so you can figure out whether that's enough for you. The large are like sumo-size... and most guys I know can't finish it.

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      OH! I hadn't realized Thi Thi had a 2nd location - I only knew of the tiny hole in the wall in Chinatown. Thanks!!

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        here's the address for the one on 8thAve:

        105-630 8 Avenue SW, Calgary - (403) 265-5451

        they are much more efficient than the chinatown location. while they may be a line up a times, it moves pretty fast... and there are also a few tables that you can sit at to eat there at the 8th Ave location...

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        miss.foodie, get out of my head! Those are three I would suggest, although I'd note Smokee Lee's and Thi Thi (Chinatown, at least) tend to get longish lineups. Probably not with weather like we're having now, though.

        A & A has been hit-and-miss for me lately; the chicken went south for a while, but it's now back up to snuff, but the last couple of times I went, the small is now an actual smallish serving of food. The prices haven't changed though, so I'd put Falafel King as a better deal.

        While it may be obvious, Sunterra does a really good selection of sandwiches, and they're ready to go. The Banker's Hall location does the "Combo" sandwich, a three slice of bread monster, with a couple of meats, lots of veg and even a nice chutney on it. Prices were jacked up in the fall, but it's still $6ish.

      3. Rise Bakery makes a fine sandwich (downstairs, next to Redwater Grill, bow valley square)

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          Anybody know if Rocky's Burger Bus is still in business. It's not downtown, but he had the best burgers.

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            It's still open as of November. I packed up the baby and made a pilgrimage down from the north end of Calgary just to satisfy my Rocky's craving and have a burger and poutine. Still Yummy! Still a huge line of people standing in front of it.

        2. I'll third Thi Thi (not to be confused with Thai Tai) and second Falafel King.
          The sukiyaki place in Bankers Hall does a good noodle soup to go. Get there early (there's always a super long line at lunch time and they're not the most efficient), and order the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (not on the menu).

          1. Atomic* on 1st Street + 7 ave SW. Is pretty good. Beef Sate Sub is really good.

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