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Dec 17, 2008 06:09 AM

Picholine - Jacket & Tie?

My usual attire for a classy restaurant is jacket and tie but with jeans and nice shoes. I'm 30 and haven't gone uptown in 10 years except for work or visiting family.

Do I need to get out an iron and find something with pleats. Normally the only time I don't wear jeans is with a suit.


Edit: the wild game tasting menu looks amazing

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  1. I went to Picholine's lounge/bar area for a quick dinner the past Friday.

    I've observed diners leaving from the dining room all dressed in suits and ties for the men and ladies in the a dress or formal attire.

    1. Get out an iron and dress up a bit, it won't hurt you to look nice. And pass on the jeans.
      This is a really beautiful place.

      1. I agree with the others that jeans are not appropriate for Picholine. When we had dinner there in May, I did see a young man in a long-sleeved shirt, but he was the only gentleman not wearing a jacket. If you have a suit, that would work.

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          I would definitely have worn a jacket and tie. Was just wondering if nice jeans would pass. Anyway I've got a new suit that is gonna sit around til the next wedding, I can break that out.

          thx all

        2. It's a lovely place and you'll feel better if you're in your once-a-year suit. Very romantic. Bring a friend. Save room for the cheese course, Lots of room.