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Giant Bars of Toblerone?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for where to find giant bars of Toblerone in the Boston area? I want to give them to my nieces for Xmas.


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  1. Marty's Liquors & Gourmet Food on Washington St. in Newtonville might carry them.

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      1. Sessa's Market in Davis Square

        1. Most places only have milk chocolate, where can you get dark chocolate?

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            I *think* I saw these at Pemberton Farms in North Cambridge today.

          2. I ended up finding them very near my hotel at Sugar Haven on Newbury Street though I am certain you could probably find them for less elsewhere.

            1. This is the sort of thing I'd expect to find at Quincy Market for some reason, no idea if they're actually there (I love Toblerone BTW).