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Dec 17, 2008 05:53 AM

Best Wings in Providence or Southern MA?

Every once in a while I crave wings, nice crispy sometimes tangy, sometimes hot, sometimes crazy hot wings. Not overly sauced, absolutely not the rubbery skinned sopping wet and probably boiled wings, but good crispy, meaty wings with a nice cold beer.

Who has the best wings in the Providence or southern MA area?

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    1. re: Bluebird

      That thread does have the key info... As an addendum to my post there, I finally tried Phat Wings on Broad Street in Providence and now agree that they're tops in PVD for both wings and boneless...

      - Garris
      Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

    2. Wendell's in Norton seems to be the clear winner everytime I've seen this subject come up.

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      1. re: mkel34

        Since that other thread, I finally made it to Wendell's. I loved the place (had a great bartender) and we really liked the wings. HOWEVER, I will say that as a bit of a purist, these wings barely qualify as buffalo wings. In fact, I can't remember whether they call them buffalo or not. The sauce is very different and more complex than normal buffalo sauce (based on Frank's and butter). It tastes like it has a lot of garlic, and maybe some hoisin sauce or something? Very good, and the wings are perfectly crispy. Just not truly buffalo.

        1. re: celeriac

          I'm kind of suprised how scarce good wings are in my area (Fall River). But a place I like, for just about everthing is uglyAmerican. There buffalo version are very good,as well as BBQ.