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Dec 17, 2008 04:32 AM

Wong Gee - Wheaton

In Barnaby's old slot is now Wong Gee Asian. I believe it's Hong Kong style.

While prices were reasonable, the food was less than stellar. My companion ordered the Hong Kong noodle soup and it arrived without noodles. The waiter's command of English was shaky, and he at first insisted that the noodle soup was not supposed to have noodles. Asking another staff person got the correct soup. I got the Hong Kong Won Ton soup. Unlike other versions I have had, the won tons contained spinach as well as the usual shrimp. The broth was inferior to Full Kee's one block east.

My friend also got General Tso's tofu, which he pronounced inferior to several other establishments. I got kung pao shrimp, which was pretty good, and a large portion for $10.95.

The menu featured a large selection of authentic dishes, and that may be the focus of the restaurant. I look forward to other reviews that can comment on those dishes. As an aside, the dining room was well decorated, and comfortable.

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  1. We had Congee with dried scallop, oyster & pork that was very nice congee but with too fishy a flavor, there was dried oyster along with dried scallop so we misread the description! But another set of toppings may be nice. Better than Full Key or HECOTB's congee. I had shrimp dumpling soup which had lots of fresh ingredients but didn't pull together completely.

    I will give it some time to settle in and try again. Full Key is hit or miss, and we have not had a lot of luck at HECOTB with their late night cooking (which is when we eat) despite the fact that their dim sum has been particularly good lately. One thing I do want to try at Wong Gee is their Over Bridge Noodle dishes. I don't know what Over Bridge Noodles are but I just have to try them.

    Service, too, was a little shaky but well impassioned.

    ETA- Google search revealed a discussion on Chowhound *blush* where Over
    Bridge noodles are described as hand puled, smaller than udon. Now even more wanting to try them!

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      There is a well-known Yunnan dish called Crossing the Bridge Noodle Soup, that is probably it. I had a version at Mandarin Express in Rockville which has a section of the menu devoted to Yunnan cuisine. Nothing partcicularly different about the noodles, but it was served with raw meats that you put into the broth yourself.

      1. re: Steve

        We returned to Wong Gee twice more and it continues to imporve but frustrate. Our thir meal will illustrate I think. We had the Long Bridge Noodle soup with sausage and ham. What we got was a big pot of nicely flavored broth with good round noodles, sliced meatballs that were clearly bought products but decent, pea shoots and other veggies. And sauage and ham. Hillshire farm kielbasa and deli sliced boiled ham by the taste and look of them. Plus the overall soup was sweet. It was totally weird. I was expecting Chinese style sausage and a strongly flavored ham like I have had when I have ordered this dish elsewhere (different name, same dish).

        Our other dish was sour cabbage and squid. Again, very sweet, almost cloying, but the sour cabbage and the squid were quite good. So this was our best meal so far with two dishes that I really would not reorder but ones that showed a potential for greatness. I don't know if the sugariness was intentional or not. But EVERYTHIMG we have had there has had good and very strange elements. Since it is one of the places on our way home open latest in Wheaton these days, we will be back I am sure and I hope we finally find the right dishes or they hit their stride on the weirdness scale.

        1. re: deangold

          Open as late as Paul Kee? Now that Paul Kee had their club closure incident, are they still good late at night and how does Wong Gee compare?

          1. re: chowsearch

            Our last experience at Paul Kee was Indifferent service & indifferent food. So that is what prompted return visits to Wong Gee. I'd rather go to WG than PK, but I hope that HECOTB returns to its late night past quality.

            1. re: deangold

              Finally Wong Gee seems to be gettting its act together.

              I have had two very decent meals there our last two visits. Last week, Kay & I had stir fried Sweet Potato Greens with garlic that were absolutely incredible both in the care of cooking and the very sweet & grassy flavor (like pea greens but buttery-er and richer) and an entree which escapes me but was quite good.

              Last night, I revisited the Over the Bridge Noodles with ham & sausage and it was still made with Hormel Cure 81 Ham (or some other brand of that exact size) and commercial polish sausage, but the balance of flavors was much better although the broth was a touch weak. I adjusted the broth with salt, pepper & soy and made a tasty soup.

              The floor staff looks completely different and the bar is gone so maybe there was already a ownership change (which would account for the night & day effect on the cooking, but last night when I wanted to ask, the only waiter was hit with a group of 20 at 11pm for a banquet so I didn't want to chat and ask). In any case, while not worth a journey, it is now Wheaton's best Chinese imo and worth working further thru the menu.

              1. re: deangold

                I absolutely love this restaurant. The Cross Bridge Soup is my new favorite comfort food. I have enjoyed many good dinners here.