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Eat Bar Cocktail Class

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Last night, I went to Eat Bar in Clarendon for the festive champagne cocktails class. It was great! I highly recommend it!
The class was led by Gina Chersevani, one of the "Ten Best" bartenders in the nation. We are lucky to have so many great mixologists in the area!
When we arrived, we got a "Welcome Drink" with some truffle popcorn. That drink had orgeat (almond liquer), champagne, blackberry syrup ("brush") and some agave nectar in it. When put on the menu, it will be called Orange De Mond. I actually came up with that name and the rest of the group concurred that should be the name of the new drink. Yay Creativity! The second drink was another Cava mixed with st. Germaine or Lillet Blanc (French 75). Chef Andrew brought out some great Dragon Creek oysters to go with the drink. The pairing was spot on! Those oysters were so fresh. For the third drink, Gina used kumquat with sugar and mixed it with cava. That was really sweet but definitely great! Another great dish of shredded duck confit on a wheat cracker (small bread) was served and another good pairing. The final drink was creme de cacao, cava, and Guinness. An unexpectedly delicious drink that tasted like a fudgesicle. Champagne filled truffles accompanied this final drink. Gina stayed and hung out, gave us more champagne, and answered all of our questions. At $50, this class really is a great deal IMO. Gina is a riot and doesn't hold back in having fun and showing her personality when she gets wound up.
If you have a chance, take one of these classes when one interests you.

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  1. How did you find out about the class? I just tried looking it up on their webpage, but it doesn't seem to have any class information. Just Wii bowling.

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      I get all those events sent via email list serve. There appear to be no sign up links available on the Eat Bar website.
      I did some digging on the Rustico website (all "Neighborhood Restaurant Group") and found the list serve sign up form here: